FFWD | compote de pommes two ways

The name above is basically applesauce in French and being a lover of apples, I’ll definitely avail myself to make this! I used20131108-211629.jpg NZ colt apples and Fuji apples for this and it takes a while for the colt apples to soften. In the end, the chopper did the mashing for me.

I proceeded to do apple turnovers since mom loves these. Knowing she doesn’t really appreciate very sweet desserts, I have scaled down the amount of sugar by a bit and didn’t add anymore during the cooking process. And the best thing is, she likes the turnover, saying that the sweetness is just right!

Makes my day, I tell you.

This is the first way that Dorie talked about, the traditional way. I’ve yet to try the second way which is to add salted butter and vanilla extract. Next time.



This is a weekly attempt at French food via French Fridays with Dorie.
If you are interested in French cooking, why not join us?



20 thoughts on “FFWD | compote de pommes two ways

  1. Love those apple turnovers, they look scrumptious. This was such a quick and easy recipe,
    I made mine chunky, Hubby and I both loved it.

  2. Oh my those turnovers look delicious!! Well done. I actually make this reasonably often a this time of year, usually to serve with yogurt for breakfast, but we had this as dessert (though not as fancy as yours!!).

  3. Those turnovers look amazing (as does the sauce). So glad the family enjoyed this and your little one will be lucky to be growing up with HOMEMADE applesauce available !!

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