First proper Amen!

Recently, we have been introducing ‘Amen’ to Faith especially when giving thanks for the food that we consume. I guess she is also exposed whenever we are attending service or even in our weekly small group. Each morning when she wakes up and night before she turns in, I would also pray with her and close with an ‘Amen’. Faith will always look at me in the eyes and smile whenever the prayer is completed.

Just now, da man came over to us after his shower and started to pray together with us and as he finished off with, “In Jesus’ name we pray”, Faith clasped her hands and uttered ‘Amen’ audibly and with much confidence. You could have imagined my joy! All three of us said ‘Amen’ together! Faith must have known that she had done something right and clapped her hands.

May this continue and that as a family, we will continue to walk in His ways.

Oh Lord, grant us wisdom to parent Faith in Your ways.

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