Shape Run 2013 with Capella’s ConyTM (S230T-13)

IMG_8525Faith and I participated in the Shape Run’s Stroller Fun Run and I must say this is perhaps the most ill-prepared run that I have had. Though it was a short distance, running with a fussy baby in a stroller could prove challenging.

The stroller fun run was postponed by 30 minutes which was a good move by the organiser since young children need their beauty sleep. Mabel, Cherie and I reached the site at around 7.15am from Crawford Street, skipped the security check (oops! loophole!) and waited for the rest of our ‘team’. The other categories had already commenced and we waited for ours to start. I was really praying that Faith would not be cranky as she didn’t have a good rest yesterday. Other than that, it was a great day for running though we were hoping that the weather could be cooler!


Our group of mummies has been training for this run with the Capella ConyTM (S230T-13) strollers and finally this day has arrived! A group picture first before we start our engines! ūüėČ


Faith was crying her heart out during the photography session and refused to sit in the stroller. I had to resort to something which I don’t normally do – give her biscuits to pacify her. Oh well, perhaps she really was hungry and warm! It’s a hot day after all.



The thoughtful organiser gave us colourful balloons to the mummies in a bid to distract the babies when we were running. Oh, I think we really need them! I’m not sure about the other kids but Faith sure looked happy with those balloons! And with that, we started the 2.4km fun run!

There wasn’t a lot of participants for this category and thus the space was wide enough for us which is good. For me, the only aimIMG_8557 was to quickly finish the run so that Faith won’t fuss in the stroller. From experience, Faith couldn’t last more than 2km in the stroller and would want to be carried after that. So, I tried to run¬†jog as fast as my legs could carry me. Midway through, I felt incredibly thirsty and then I realised I didn’t bring water along and there’s no waterpoint for this category! Gosh! All the more, I need to get this run over and be done with.

Thankfully, Faith didn’t fuss! During the run, she turned her head and looked at me with a smile and the tired mom had to force a ‘hi!’ in return. The other mummies were encouraging and cheered one another on. That’s the spirit! The road was smooth and this made the run really enjoyable. The stroller was easy to manoeuvre and survived the run. Hurray!



The run was over in about 15 minutes and I was exhausted! Must have been the heat. Overall, this was a pleasant experience and I really enjoyed running with the other mummies.

After the run, guess what we did?


Guess what we are going to do?


Taking selfie!

Taken by the selfie expert, Mabel!

Taken by the selfie expert, Mabel!


Having loads of photography time

And Faith was visibly tired

And Faith was visibly tired


We made it, baby!

With this, I completed another item on my to-do list! Check!

Till the next race!

Till the next race!


From the first day I received the Capella¬†ConyTM (S230T-13) stroller to the race day, the stroller has served us well. It has gone through rough handling (I’m not that dainty, you see) and a few hard knocks, travelled well on undulating terrains and granted us a few good training sessions. Though it is not a jogging stroller, it still provides a stable, secure and protected ride for Faith especially when we go jogging. A good all-rounded stroller, I must say.

Find out more information about Capella’s strollers via their¬†facebook page.

Disclosure: I was gifted with one set of the Capella ConyTM S230T-13 Smart Travel System for the purposes of test and review. Registration fee  and transportation allowance for the Shape Run were provided for. No other compensation was received and all opinions are mine.

Photo credits: Amazingly Still & Capella Strollers Singapore