Faith @ 11 months old

20131020-114943.jpgDear Faith
You are 11 months old today and you are one month away from being 1! Mama is getting real excited about that big day. Nope, you aren’t going to have a birthday bash; I don’t think you will understand anyway. Maybe when you get older? In any case, Mama will want you to know that birthday celebration is not all about you. It’s about sharing the joy with others and thanking those who have lent a hand to Mama and Papa in bringing you up.

Meanwhile, Mama is just happy and truly thankful that you have grown well and maintain a joyful spirit.


In terms of diet, Mama is getting more relaxed in the things I give you. I have started feeding you omelette from Japanese restaurants and you seem to like it a lot. Thankfully, you didn’t develop any allergic symptoms. You love grapes a lot. Did you get that from me? Mama loves grapes too! I think you like bread a lot as well and this makes my life so much easier. So besides giving you biscuits, I can bake bread for you!


You can also drink from a straw now and I didn’t know that until your auntie tried it on you. So you have skipped the sippy cup and go straight to using straw. Do you know when you try to drink from the straw, you have a very adorable and funny expression?

All is well and I think I don’t have to prepare so much puree for you now since I would like to include you in our normal daily meals. You don’t seem to like pasta and perhaps that’s because Mama didn’t do a good job in that! But Mama will persevere ok?


This month, you have been really active, cruising here and there and trying desperately to stand independently, and indeed you can do so, for seconds. Now you can travel across the length of the living room using the walker and Mama & Papa are proud of you. Oh, another thing. You can really crawl fast!


During service, you seem to be able to ‘sit’ through the whole of the period and by that, I mean not crying out loud such that one of us has to bring you out. You like to roam around and ‘disturb’ others. Since you are so young, the uncles and aunties will politely smile at you. You especially like touching people’s handbags and shoes. Arghh!



20131020-113700.jpgI may be biased but I think you are quite well behaved. Mama gets very happy indeed when your Gong Gong and Po Po commended you, saying you learn fast and are actually quite a good girl who doesn’t fuss a lot. The aunties at BSF infant class have also given Mama good feedback about you. Mama is one proud mom!

HOWEVER, when you are at home with Mama, you tend to throw everything you set your hands on to the ground. This makes Mama very busy! Now you are also tearing pages from the storybooks that you inherited from your cousins. That is a big NO-NO!


Mama is also learning that you like to imitate her. Remember that one incident when you were holding on to the shoe spray and Mama came out of the kitchen and shouted for you to drop that? You imitated me, pointing your finger and shouting some notes which Mama didn’t understand. You know what? Mama finds it so amusing that I have to step aside to laugh out loud! You are too adorable!

You are one determined child, both Papa and Mama think. When you set your mind to do something, you don’t give up and Mama thinks you inherit the tenacity from Papa. Hah! Even when you are tired, you just don’t want to sleep and would rather lie on the dirty floor (obviously you don’t know much about cleanliness). Sigh!

20131020-113413.jpg 20131020-113255.jpg

Recently too, Mama finds that you are rather clingy. When Mama is cooking in the kitchen, you always like to come in and cling on to her leg or cry out to be carried. This exasperates Mama!


 Other developments

Two more teeth are budding and this could explain why you are drooling lots at times and uber cranky on certain nights. Poor girl. Hang in there okay?

You are beginning to like books now and Mama can have your attention for certain books especially the ones with Peek-a-boo flaps.

You ease up to Grandpa and Auntie Eunice readily and this is a great improvement from previous months. Well done! You have to know that they love you very very much!

Mama would have loved that you could sleep through the night without waking up for feeds. Perhaps you are hungry because you often cry out for milk using the related vocabulary. Maybe Mama should give you more food for dinner? One good thing though is that you seem to have established a habit of having two 1.5 hours naps. Good job! But really, please sleep through the night, will you?

You are one curious girl because you keep observing people when Mama brings you out for grocery shopping. But dear girl, I think you have forgotten your manners. Where are your hello’s and bye-bye’s wave when you meet with the aunties and uncles at the market?

20131020-113855.jpgLove you.
One more month to 1 YO!