FFWD | Salade Niçoise

Yay! I’m in time for FFWD this time round. It helps a lot that the dish is quick and easy to create – Salade Niçoise. I had thought that this will not satisfy but after this experience, I realised that it is truly a one-dish meal, just like what Dorie had warned.

Salade Niçoise [niˈswaz] gets its name from its hometown Nice and comprises tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, Nicoise olives, anchovies and dressed with a vinaigrette. Of course, this dish cannot do without tuna which is the salad’s linchpin and it seems that traditionally, canned tuna is used. Suits me real fine as it is so much easier to use canned tuna. Hah! I had wanted to omit the olives since my family does not appreciate them but thought it wouldn’t be a true blue Salade Niçoise if it is without them. And, I’m glad I added them because the combination works really well.


So, I didn’t bother to lay them in order. I thought a mess can be nice too.


Mom gave us some snow crab and this completes our meal.

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conversation with Dorie Greenspan.