Review | Outpost 903 Gastrobar

It’s been a while.

When was the last time I went out with girlfriends to chill?

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to do so with my mummy friends and had an awesome brunch at Outpost 903.

It wasn’t difficult to get there. Located along Bukit Timah Road, you can’t miss the gastrobar with its black and white facade and a distinctive water tank which seems to act as a post to guide you to the eatery. Mabel and I walked in and were greeted by the affable co-owner, Youyi, and our friends.


Once inside, I was intrigued by the eclectic selection of furniture that was mostly sourced from Vietnam and a huge signage that is capable of making you feel that you are in a factory-bar. Oh, I forgot to mention – this single-storey shophouse was built around 1902. Isn’t this a good reason to visit this gastrobar already?



So, I digress. The mummies were treated to an all-day brunch, just what we need for some catch-up session.


First up is the Benedict Duo ($14) and the name speaks for itself. You have poached eggs served two styles, either on bacon or ham and these on mini ciabatta bread, with salad served on the side. Such a combination won’t go wrong, I feel.


This is the Mac and Cheese Bacon Sandwich ($16) which is a little heavy for me. It’s not hard to imagine. There is a sizable slice of mac and cheese and this, topped with streaky bacon and spicy marinated tomato slices on toasted brioche. Oh, brioche, how I love this bread which is rich with eggs and butter. On the side are fries and salad. This is good for people who love big portion!


You have to consume the Crabmeat Sandwich ($20) with the tomato soup dip to enjoy the full flavour that it can bring forth. Yours truly tasted the sandwich on its own and thus found it a tad dry.

IMG_2486 IMG_2492

How do you like this 903 Burger ($16). I was won over by the sunny side up and the generous portion of the home-made beef patty, complete with lettuce, tomato, sweet onion, gherkins. Sandwiched between toasted sesame buns, this dish is served with crispy fries like the rest above. And, you can choose to have truffle fries (!!!) for a nominal top up. I will definitely do that for my next visit!


My favourite has to be the Cheesy Steak Sandwich ($20) which comprises some of my favourite stuff – thin sliced ribeye and pork bratwurst combination with home-made tomato topped with mozerella and sharp chedder cheese and all these sandwiched between wonderful brioche. Lovely combination! This is the only one which compelled me to go for a second helping. Yummy!

As you can see from the above, the selection is aplenty (and there are still others on the menu) and there is bound to be one which will satisfy everyone.

For desserts, we were served their Chocolate Lava ($14) and Mango Float ($12). Both are good and I appreciate that the chocolate is not overly sweet (it’s done just nicely). However, I particularly love the Mango Float with its layers of graham biscuits and mango cream. Perhaps, it was a warm day and I just love the chill that ran down my throat. Awesome!




This is Cherie, enjoying her Chocolate Lava.

So the mummies did have fun catching up with one another and having some ME time, not to mention delicious food in a cozy environment. Oh yes, we went crazy learning how to take a good selfie shot.



Irene with Youyi and Cherie.


Check out what the rest say about Outpost 903 Gastrobar (from left) Moi, Estella, Cherie, Co-owner, You Yi, Agnes Tay from AT Marketing Consultancy, Winnie, Mabel and Irene & baby James.

IMG_2495 IMG_2500 IMG_2503

I actually love the alfresco setting. Ok, I have to be back with da man for some couple-time!
Thank you so much for hosting us!


Outpost 903 Gastrobar
903 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 589620
Tel: 6468 4903
Closed on Tuesdays

Disclaimer: I was invited, along with some mom bloggers, for a food tasting session at Outpost 903 Gastrobar. All opinions are mine and no monetary compensation was received. You can contact me to find out more about my experience too!


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