The life of a SAHM

“Sometimes, I feel my life is just so shitty!”

This was the remark I made to da man on Sunday, when I was exhausted and rather sick.

I am into my 3rd month of being a SAHM and if anyone thinks that life is oh-so-good, then let me give you a glimpse of my life. Today, I recorded what I did via Instagram and decided to blog about it.

5am. My day starts. This is the time that I can have to myself, have a proper breakfast and a cup of coffee, browse some cake designs and websites. If the feeling to poop comes, that is a bonus (sorry to be crude). Today, I spent the morning thinking about a cake design which has to be baked and delivered on Friday.


7am. Faith woke up and after cleaning her, she had some play time on the mat.

8.15am. Went to the supermarket to do grocery and Faith fussed and cried on the way back, exasperating me. I looked like an auntie, messy hair and hands full of bags.

9.30am. Reached home, Faith was still in the carrier and felt asleep with all those movement as I kept all the grocery into the proper place. Time to DO SOME WORK before she wakes up again!


Faith’s food supply is running out and so I need to replenish. Placed her in the cot and prepared her food and at the same time, started baking chocolate cupcakes in an attempt to test a recipe.

So in that ONE HOUR, I managed to prepare her meals. For the record and for memory’s sake, they are:
1. Carrot, broccoli and toufu
2. Pumpkin and broccoli
3. Fish porridge


I don’t have a helper so I’d need trusty helpers aka appliances to assist me. And you would have guessed it, the kitchen was in a mess. WAR ZONE. My mind was also filled with a list of things to do. No time could be wasted. It’s just that ONE HOUR!


10.30am. Faith woke up. Since I was in the midst of preparing fish porridge, I just let her have some. This was the first time that she had meat. Yup, I know I’m late in introducing her to meat. *bad mom*! As usual, Faith took a small and conscious bite, tasted it and gave me a happy look. Yay! I think she loves fish! Hurray!


*Ding! The cupcakes were done!

Next was to prepare lunch which was Teochew-style fish porridge for dad and I. Faith didn’t want to sit on the high chair anymore, preferring to roam in the living room. So while I was preparing lunch, I was also attemping shuttle-run kind of style, shuttling in and out of the kitchen to make sure that Faith stays clear of the danger zone. This girl knows that I would stop her at certain places and deliberately go near them, stop in her tracks and look for me. She must be thinking that this is a game!!! I was really tired!



Meals at my place have always been one-dish type because they are easy and fast to prepare. By 12pm, lunch was made and consumed as I washed the dishes so that I could send lunch over to dad’s.


1pm. After dad had his lunch, he took over and I could go out to purchase some baking stuff and went back home to finish the cupcakes which I was experimenting and then it’s back to dad’s to pick Faith up.



4pm. It’s back home and Faith got really active at this hour. It wasn’t until da man came back that I could prepare dinner.


You’ve guessed it. One-dish meal again.

6pm. Da man took over while I showered and had some time to do some baking preparation before Faith called for me again.

8.30pm. Faith slept. I took some time to blog.

10pm. Zzzzzz….

So, that’s my life on a typical day. I do complain and rant but at the end of the day, when I think back, there is really nothing more rewarding to know that your child is a happy kid and is growing well.

And then all is well.

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