Family fun at River Safari

IMG_2248The family spent the last day of August at River Safari, all thanks to the SIL whose workplace was holding its Family Day.

As it was a weekend, you could expect a huge crowd. We reached the park at around 9am and followed the trail where it leads the visitors to learn about the various famous rivers like the Mississippi River and Mekong River, to name a few. It was rather educational, giving snippets of information on them. However, there simply were too many people on that day and stopping to read could be a real pain.


The highlight was perhaps the famed pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia and it makes us wonder how they are related to rivers. Hmm…

Anyway, we managed to catch both Kai Kai and Jia Jia. The latter who is more introverted went back to her comfort zone after roaming out of her den once. Kai Kai was just basking in the sun.

There were only two eateries at the River Safari and it makes much sense to pack your own food (to avoid queuing for long)! It’s definitely more economical this way too. 😉




River Safari was mostly sheltered so visitors don’t really have to worry too much about rainy days.

IMG_6764 IMG_6769

Remember to bring your own food! These egg tarts were supplied by Mabel!

Not all facilities are in operation currently. Perhaps, when the Amazon River Quest boat ride and animal exhibits along this ride are available (later this year), it will be more worth it to visit. Oh yes, I would definitely go on a weekday morning in future.



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