Thankful Thursday

It is said that it takes a whole village to bring up a child. In my case, it is true and boy, am I glad that my folks are ever so willing to lend a helping hand. This post is dedicated to them and to remind myself that I do have an awesome family.

Being a SAHM, I find it easy to be sucked into a world that constitutes just you and your child. Going out can be troublesome and at times, the easy solution is to stay at home. Which if you are not careful, you can slip into depression.

Enter assistance from the family.

For a few weeks, my in-laws have been coming to our place on Sunday to spend time with Faith. They pack food and we have lunch together. Faith will then be entertained by them for a good few hours which is a good break for the hubs and I. I could do some leisure baking while da man rests. My father-in-law helps us iron our clothes too. Okay, I’m rather embarrassed to disclose this because I feel we should be responsible for our own chores and to get an elderly man do our work is just terrible of us. However, I also recognise the fact that he wants to help us and in the end, let him do it.

IMG_6240 IMG_6241
IMG_6245 IMG_6248

Everyone’s happy, I guess.

My sister-in-law is an amazingly patient and loving lady who’s able to get the chuckles out from the little girl. How sweet!

And then, there’s my family.

My dad. Oh, how I have misunderstood him. I have always thought that he doesn’t know how to take care of children but how wrong I am. In fact, he is even better than my mom, I feel (or perhaps that’s because he has more time than my mum). He plays with Faith with such childlikeness, feeds her with much patience and pats her to sleep. It’s a loving sight to behold.

IMG_5406 IMG_5408

My sister and brother-in-law? They love children. It’s so obvious through their actions. The BIL takes every opportunity to talk to Faith, play with her and educate her. My sister, she’s the same as her hubs.


My family celebrating Dallen’s birthday

And then, there is my auntie-in-law who loves to cook for us. And I have the utmost privilege of learning how to cook those delicious Peranakan dishes from her. How blessed I am.


Should I forget about this, can any one of you remind me pls?
Thank you in advance.