A family outing to S.E.A. Aquarium

It is really rare that my siblings are back at the same time and when that happens, you bet we will take the opportunity to go out as a family, sans my father who has to go for his dialysis treatment and the hubs who has to work (and couldn’t take leave that day).

It was a Tuesday and before we set off, we went to our uncle’s noodle stall to have our breakfast. It’s tiring having meals with the kids and our outing had not even begun!

IMG_5954 IMG_5963

After breakfast, it’s time to set off! Since we have quite a number of people, we had to travel in two cars. We have decided to park at Vivocity since we would be going back there for dinner and it’s a surprise $12 for parking from about 10am to 8pm!


The troop marching in…

IMG_5978 IMG_5995
It’s a mighty hot day that day and it’s best to have your shades and hats on!

Although it was a Tuesday, there were a lot of visitors, both locals and tourists. I’ll tell you what we did when we were in the aquarium. For my sister and BIL who have two boys, they really were amazed by the fishes and went ‘whoah’ the whole time. For my elder bro, SIL and I who have young kids, we were just busy feeding the kiddos and wheeling the prams, making sure to avoid crushing the feet of others since it was dark in there.




I’m thankful for my sis and BIL who are very enthusiastic in educating the young ones, like Faith, and telling her about the various fishes we saw. Good job!

IMG_6009I must say the underwater world is really amazing and colourful, no doubt!


For lunch, we popped by here for some Malaysian local food. Sedap!

While you think that the highlight is the visit to the S.E.A. aquarium, I think it is the waterplay near the beach that captures the hearts of our little ones. The children went crazy playing with the water and little Faith joined the cousins too. I was at first worried about how she might take to it and feared that she would drink the water but oh well, just let her play! I can’t shield her from everything! Faith did enjoy herself. 🙂




It was definitely a fun trip albeit a tiring one. My brother and her family have gone back to SH and a week later, my sister and her family to Indo. Faith will surely miss the company of her cousins.