A birthday cake for Lester

Our family celebrated the birthday of one of my nephews with a birthday cake, baked by the resident baker, yours truly. It was a simple cake because there is no point making a elaborated one since the family has gotten tired of eating what I bake (sad). The easiest and tastiest cake I can think of is Nigella Lawson’s Devil’s Food Cake. This cake can be baked in the morning and assembled from afternoon onwards.

In baking chocolate cake, there is no greater crime than using poor quality chocolates. For this cake, I used valrhona’s covertures (72%) and cocoa powder. The figurine was made a few days back since it has to be dried. I surrounded the figurine with digestive biscuits, making it look like sandpit since I hope Lester will enjoy his childhood! For the border, I used Wilton grass tip No. 233.


While it takes not too long to bake the cake, the chocolate ganache takes a long time to reach a desired state for frosting ( I didn’t put it in the fridge to quicken the process). This time round, the whole amount of ganache was used in covering the cake. Decadent indeed.


The various pieces to be assembled.

I did have fun designing and baking these cakes.
Now, I need more brave souls to allow me to bake for their birthdays.

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