MT Masking Tape Exhibition (S’pore)

“So, what are you going to do for this long weekend?” my hubs’ colleague asked him.

“We are going to a masking tape exhibition,” the hubs replied.


Masking tape exhibition.”

“Masking tape?”


Yup, you’ve heard right. The MT Masking Tape (Washi tape) is holding an exhibition at Ion Art (Level 4) until 11 August. I’m not a fan of masking tape but after seeing the beautiful tapes, I have to go and dragged my family (my hubs, Faith and I) to go for some fun at the expo.

 IMG_6147 IMG_6082

We were the first to arrive and I was overwhelmed with excitement. I transformed into a little girl instantly, going ga-ga over those cute tapes. After putting a few rolls of tapes into the basket, the hubs came over and asked, “Do you know how much they cost?”

Yes, of course I do. Well, they are expensive for tapes but yours truly knows what she is getting into and her hubs just let her be.

IMG_6123 IMG_6126
IMG_6094 IMG_6129

Besides the pop-up store where you can browse the many colourful tapes and Singapore-themed limited edition ones, there is also a station where you can try out the tapes on a box (provided) or things that you bring along. I had wanted to decorate a rather big (ok, medium-sized) box that I brought along but felt a tad embarrassed to use so much of the tapes and in the end, ceased my attempt.



There are two gacha gacha machines at the end of this table and I had a try at it. If your gacha gacha (I suppose it’s the egg-like thing) has a brown paper in it, you get to choose one washi tape from the counter. And I got lucky!

IMG_6101 IMG_6105


Besides the gacha-gacha and the craft corner, kids can also entertain themselves in these cute little houses!



So what can we do with washi tapes? Perhaps these pictures will give you some ideas?

IMG_6107 IMG_6112
IMG_6113 IMG_6114
IMG_6115 IMG_6116
IMG_6118 IMG_6117

I can’t resist getting my hands on some of these tapes and went home poorer by some tens of dollars. I can’t wait for Faith to grow up and join me in some craftwork!



If you spend more than $50, you could get this bag free!
Do pop by and enjoy yourself!
Till 11 Aug 2013.