Faith @ 8th month


Okay, so I’m late in reporting Faith’s development. It is now already 2 weeks into her eighth month but oh, a lot of stuff has been happening!

IMG_5643I think the greatest milestone for this month is her ability to crawl. Faith has been practising that pose for some time but couldn’t really figure out how to crawl until one fine day, viola!, it makes sense to her. She is still not good at it but at least she is able to make good, small steps towards this particular area of development.

As she grows, she needs more space to explore and we have shifted her play area from her room to the living room which is designated to be our reading corner as well. A bigger mat was bought and Faith is able to play on her own without having anyone around her ALL the time. Well, when she gets bored with the toys, that is another story. in the play area, she is also able to learn her crawling stunts and then as she crawls and explores, she puts whatever stuff that she can find into her mouth! Oh no!


Besides crawling, Faith loves to stand and gets excited when we pull her up and guides her to walk. A little too soon for her but let’s just see how she progresses as the weeks pass.


With all these new skills that she is learning, Faith gets all too excited, so much so that she wants to practise them even during sleeping time. She refuses to nap and it takes really LONG and a lot of effort for us to get her to take a LITTLE nap. Then at night, she wakes up 2 to 4 times! When we reach her room, she is already sitting up, waiting for us. Thankfully, after giving her some milk, she goes back to sleep. My dark eye rings are getting worse.

I think Faith really likes company. Thankfully, her cousins are back and she loves hanging out with the boys. I should really send her to some playgroup soon!

IMG_5705[Credit: Yvonne]