FFWD | Tzatziki

What’s that?

You might ask.

I asked the same question.

Tzatziki [pronounce Zat-ZEE-key] is actually a yogurt-based (best is greek yogurt – 2 cups) blend of cucumbers, fresh herbs (in this case, dill and mint), lemon juice, garlic and a little olive oil. According to Dorie, this is a recipe that is very low in calories although it tastes rich.



Tzatziki should be served cold and simply. It’s often served as a dip for raw vegetables and is good with crackers, thick toasted country bread or sandwich.

20130802-184137.jpg 20130802-184145.jpg

I spread it on my croissant.

Refreshing and heavenly. I’ll have it for breakfast again tomorrow.

This is a weekly attempt at French food via French Fridays with Dorie. If you are interested in French cooking, why not join us?

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19 thoughts on “FFWD | Tzatziki

  1. Now I want a croissant and more tzatziki 🙂 I also thought it was really cool how you managed to write the recipe in that photo…I need to find out how to do this !! Great job all around – Tricia

  2. This makes a great spread or dip, doesn’t it? My partner can’t get enough when we eat Greek food. Now that he knows he can have it at home whenever he wants, I’m sure it’s going to be in our fridge regularly.

  3. Well everything is good on a croissant so that is cheating! I just ended up eating mine with a spoon! I’m already out.

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