FFWD | Tzatziki

What’s that?

You might ask.

I asked the same question.

Tzatziki [pronounce Zat-ZEE-key] is actually a yogurt-based (best is greek yogurt Р2 cups) blend of cucumbers, fresh herbs (in this case, dill and mint), lemon juice, garlic and a little olive oil. According to Dorie, this is a recipe that is very low in calories although it tastes rich.



Tzatziki should be served cold and simply. It’s often served as a dip for raw vegetables and is good with crackers, thick toasted country bread or sandwich.

20130802-184137.jpg 20130802-184145.jpg

I spread it on my croissant.

Refreshing and heavenly. I’ll have it for breakfast again tomorrow.

This is a weekly attempt at French food via French Fridays with Dorie. If you are interested in French cooking, why not join us?

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