FFWD| Sable Breton galette with berries


So I know that today’s not Friday but I’ve been so far behind the French Fridays with Dorie project that I have to catch up. Earlier, I have resolved to attempt 3 times a month for FFWD but for June, I found myself struggling due to certain commitments but hey, being late is better than never!

The sable breton galette is such a beauty that I couldn’t resist baking. It would be a good dessert for a gathering! So, the day before, I prepared the dough and the lemon curd since the former needs to be chilled for at least 3 hours. The following day, all I need to do is to bake the dough and then just before serving , top the galette with the lemon curd and beautify it with the berries.


I suspect I would be making this again. Try it if you have the time for it certainly seeks to please.

A similar recipe can be found here.

I had so much fun whipping up French food with FFWD and I’m encouraging you to do so too! Join us in the fun!

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