I’m a SAHM now.

So here it is, I’m a SAHM now.

After battling with God (and the hubs) over this for a few years,  I have to say, ‘Ok, I surrender’.

As I recalled my thoughts a few years back, I have to say that even though we could resist, the Almighty still brings us back to where He wants us to be, to enjoy an abundant and fulfilling life, in His time.

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For the past seven months, when people asked me this question, “What do you do?”, I stayed stumped for a moment and replied with a most silly question, “What do you mean?”

I didn’t know what to say. Do I state my profession? Or do I say I’m a SAHM which sounds so alien to me. But now, I can truthfully reply ‘I’m a homemaker’.

It’s not easy going through this period and during service on Saturday, I cried terribly and the hubs asked me what was wrong. What’s wrong? What’s wrong?! Nothing is wrong but the fact that I left my job, a profession that I love and the people whom I have been working so closely for so many years made me uber sad. Perhaps, to dig deeper, my profession has given me an identity of sorts and to strip me of that causes me to feel rather lost.

I have to look at the bright side. It’s all good if it’s according to His will. At the very least, I could take care of Faith full-time and on top of that, pursue my interest which the hubs supports.

He has better!

I’m picking myself up again and to convince myself that I am indeed a homemaker now. No joke.