The end of my career and the beginning of a sweet phase

My last day at work and who would have thought that my career ends at this point in time. I, for one, have never thought that I would end it in this way but it has to be so.

The days leading to this moment have been heart-wrenching. Seeing my colleagues for the last time hurts. These are the people whom I love dearly. The place where we work is fast-paced and you need to have a strong heart. At times when the pressure-cooker is switched on, you could see tensed-up faces, hear quickened footsteps and definitely feel the heat. However we all know that it is but for a while and after that, we are good.

I have to leave because of a higher calling. There is a gift waiting for me at home, calling out for me to spend time with her. I can’t bear to leave her for too long because she is too precious, much more than my career. Or perhaps it’s just me, that I cannot manage and balance both work and family. Whatever it is, the decision has been made and it is a personal choice.

Today marks the end of a wonderful decade-long career and certainly marks the beginning of another phase of my life.

I celebrate this day with a latte and a cake. Something sweet is coming my way.








Maple & Market
34 Cassia Crescent
Singapore 390034

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