That Friday the air got really bad

I have come to the realisation that my family ( = the hubs and I) can be rather ill-prepared for emergencies.

Recently, our city-state has been hard hit by the haze caused by the burning forests in our neighbouring country and today it got really bad. The visibility was low and I awoke to really bad air that caused me to choke.

But my thoughts went out immediately to my little one and my older folks. Dad has been feeling weak since a few days back and this is a concern. Faith is only so young and I wonder how her respiratory system will take to it.

So, we sprang into action. We have no air-conditioners in our apartment and could only rely on fans which couldn’t really cool the rooms and the smell of smoke promises to linger. We have no masks nor air purifiers and our place reeks of ash, smoke and feels constantly dusty despite being cleaned regularly. After placing Faith at my mom’s, I went in search of masks and air purifiers. This attempt was followed by my sis and BIL.

If Ken and I were still without kids, I think we would not be so worried but now with a 7-month-old, it is a different story. I remember when we were in Boston and were facing 2 rounds of snowstorms which crippled the state, we did not even stock up a lot on food items as compared to the locals. Our emergency backpack was empty. We did not have torches or batteries or candles and the hubs just went ‘don’t get too worried about it’. But now, we can’t do that. The baby’s health is our main concern and our elderly folks too.


Buildings no more!

Imagine my anxiety. As I drove to the mall, the visibility was low at noon and when I reached my destination, stores after stores displayed notice that the needed items were all sold out. I worried for my folks at home too who helped to look after the three young kids. I was in frenzy and for a moment at a loss of what to do until my sister replied in whatsapp, “Go home!”


Queued for > 1 hour for air purifiers

Thankfully, the hubs took leave and helped us to look for the items and in the end, he had to queue an hour for the air purifiers and the three of us joined him in the end. It was really tiring but I’m glad that at least the home doesn’t reek so much of smoke anymore.


Smells good for now

I don’t know when the haze will ease. I don’t recall having much problem in the past. At least, it didn’t get so bad until it stays in my memory. Looking back, today was quite an adventure. I could only imagine what my sister and her family went through when Mt Merapi erupted a few years back and they had to flee.

Will tomorrow be better?

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