Faith @ 7 months

Can you believe it? Faith is already 7 months old! It’s a true joy to be able to witness her progress from a tiny weeny baby to one who is active and whose character is showing day by day.

From the sixth to the seventh month, the highlights were the introduction of solides to her and her ability to sit up without any aid. She is able to respond to her Chinese name more than her English one, possibly because she is in constant interaction with me and my folks who speak Mandarin to her.

Faith’s first foods include white rice, swede, sweet potato, butternut and apple which were provided for by Petit Bowl. Subsequently, I prepare carrot, zucchini and pear puree for her. Initially, I thought preparing meals is difficult but it really isn’t, especially if you have the time.

IMG_4424 IMG_4426



Thankfully, Faith is not rejecting any of the above though she might not favour zucchini that much. In the days to come, I will introduce more veggies to her!


To be honest, Faith couldn’t focus when a book (cloth or board) is placed before her. So, I decided that I shouldn’t be so relaxed with her and determined to get her to enjoy books, even if it means flipping the pages. Thankfully, this particular cloth book has a mirror on one of the pages and Faith was entertained by it. After that, it is more books and books!



Faith is quite a good companion and we go out often, to the wet market, supermarket or just catching up with my friends. She seems to know that when she is placed in the car seat, mommy is driving and doesn’t really fuss nowadays. Of course, when she is tired or when the ride is long, she will sound her displeasure. Other times, she will just snooze.


Oh, Faith can be very active and loves to ‘stand’. She takes every opportunity to practise walking when we lift her up. Too soon, my dear. One step at a time!


I think Faith would like to have more time with her Papa and I love it when they have such moments together.


I’m a happy child and can be a loud one!

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