Friday brunch with an old friend

I am one who believes that we don’t need many friends; just one whom you can turn to despite not meeting up often.

YL is one of them. Our meeting is often impromptu and this time, it is no exception. Since she stays near 112 Katong, we went over to Baci Italian Cafe to have our brunch, with the kids in tow.


It’s rather quiet when we reached the cafe and there was only one other customer who was obviously enjoying her brunch at the big couch. The cafe has big open space and a kids corner which attracted Aly instantly.

20130614-144346.jpg 20130614-144333.jpg



20130614-144421.jpgYou might be interested to know that kids eat for free here! But I would have to be honest – the food’s not all excellent and it’s self service for drinks. We had waffles and an omelette set. Perhaps, it’s just these few items that we tried that were not up to expectations. Having said that, it is really a good casual place to chill and spend the slow and easy morning with your friends.


20130614-144409.jpg 20130614-144434.jpg


BACI Italian Cafe
112 Katong

2 thoughts on “Friday brunch with an old friend

  1. Oh I didn’t know they have a kids corner and that kids eat for free!! Been wanting to check this place out actually. Since the food isn’t great, maybe just for coffee!

    • Yea…I mean, that was brunch. Perhaps lunch or dinner would be different? I love the open space…not crammed. 🙂

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