Friday brunch with an old friend

I am one who believes that we don’t need many friends; just one whom you can turn to despite not meeting up often.

YL is one of them. Our meeting is often impromptu and this time, it is no exception. Since she stays near 112 Katong, we went over to Baci Italian Cafe to have our brunch, with the kids in tow.


It’s rather quiet when we reached the cafe and there was only one other customer who was obviously enjoying her brunch at the big couch. The cafe has big open space and a kids corner which attracted Aly instantly.

20130614-144346.jpg 20130614-144333.jpg



20130614-144421.jpgYou might be interested to know that kids eat for free here! But I would have to be honest – the food’s not all excellent and it’s self service for drinks. We had waffles and an omelette set. Perhaps, it’s just these few items that we tried that were not up to expectations. Having said that, it is really a good casual place to chill and spend the slow and easy morning with your friends.


20130614-144409.jpg 20130614-144434.jpg


BACI Italian Cafe
112 Katong

Capella First Smart Travel System – ConyTM (S230T-13)

Psst. Have you heard? Capella, the leading manufacturer for strollers from Korea, is launching its first smart travel system stroller – ConyTM stroller (S230T) – in Singapore. The 2013 collection is enhanced with better functions for our baby’s ultimate comfort, stability and safety.

Last Friday, TaiMe Pte Ltd, who is the sole distributor of Capella did a soft launch of the ConyTM stoller and I am among the ten other mommies who are privileged to be invited to the tea party!

IMG_4232 IMG_4236

 We were greeted by the new strollers as we walked into the TaiMe (excited!) and then treated to scrumptious dinner. A smiley Cherie could vouch for it.



The bosses of Taime then proceeded to show us the features of the Capella ConyTM strollers. The S230T-13 is 7.3kg and is suitable for newborn to 48 months (up to 18kg). Some of the enhanced functions and features include wider sturdy wheels, wider in width, UV protection canopy, enhanced fabrication and cushioning and not forgetting, stylish colours (wine, orange, blue and red).

IMG_2629 IMG_2775
IMG_2845 IMG_2886

The print motifs for 2013 collection features the following lifestyle fashion for Capella:

Easy & Vivid Fabric Motifs

Sophisticated & Elegant Fabric Motifs


 The mommies were all eager to try the new strollers with their kids. It’s quite a sight!

TaiMe has generously gifted the 10 mommies with the Capella ConyTM S230T-13 to test and review the strollers. They wanted us to reflect to them if there are any areas that could be improved. This tells a lot about their commitment to continually seek refinement in their products so that families can benefit from it.


So, yes, I will be coming up with a review about the new swanky stroller (in wine) and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Read Estella’s version of the launch here.
More pictures of the launch can be seen here.

Disclosure: I was invited for the soft launch of the Capella ConyTM S230T-13 Smart Travel System and gifted with one set for the purposes of test and review. Transportation allowance for the launch was provided and all opinions are mine.

FFWD | back-of-the-card cheese and olive bread


How is this a bread, I’m not so sure for it doesn’t use bread flour nor yeast. Perhaps, a quick bread?

Dorie explained the origin of this recipe which was initially printed on a card produced by the Comte cheese makers’ organisation and distributed to fromageries all over France. She and Patricia Wells picked up the card and each tweaked the recipe to call it their own.

I tweaked it as well. Our family is not fond of olives (pity!) and thus to increase the chances of the bread being eaten, I replaced tapenade (what is that??) with diced ham and olives with sundried tomatoes.



When the hubs came back and had a first bite, his comments was, “I can’t tell whether it wants to be a bread or something else. It’s neither here nor there.” What a statement. Did I do it wrongly? But thankfully, he finished what was given still. I guess, the ham did the magic.

How is this bread served in the true French fashion way? According to the writer, the loaf is meant to be served as a predinner nibble with a glass of Champagne or white wine. You will have to cut the loaf into slices about 1/2 inch thick, then cut the slices in half the long way. It is not French custom to serve this bread with a meal but Dorie commented that it is awfully good with salads.

So, that’s it for this bread. It’s another recipe that makes me hunt for the ingredients, not to mention learning more about them. If you are interested in French cooking, why not join us in French Fridays with Dorie?

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