{Review & Give-away} Origins Nail Spa Experience

Recently, I was invited to Origins Nail Spa for a session of a classic manicure, pedicure and a scrub and mask. Naturally, I was excited since the last time I had such a treatment was during my wedding day. So, with much anticipation, I went down to the stop in Bukit Batok and arrived 30 minutes late due to a massive jam on the highway and because yours truly is not good with direction. 

Thankfully, the manicurists were forgiving and went straight down to business. The nail spa has a cosy shop space and each time they could only accommodate three customers. If you have tried Origins prenatal massages, the nail spa is an extension of their business and this outlet is their first which was opened about half a year ago.

IMG_4298 IMG_4371
IMG_4372 IMG_4302

I was told that the whole session takes about 2+ hours and one of them asked me if I had taken my lunch. I thought that was quite thoughtful of her. Besides that, the atmosphere was all very ‘silent’. There was no small talk which suited me fine. However, I would have preferred that they advise me on the colours to take but well, I guess this boils down to preference and they could only inform me of their newest range.


IMG_4374 IMG_4373

Since I was the only customer then, I had both manicurists serve me at the same time. After the usual cleaning, I was given the scrub and then the mask for my hands and legs.

Here’s the list of choice of SCRUB available
Green Tea (Anti Oxidant, Anti Ageing, Whitening)
Coffee (Anti Oxidant, Boost Circulation)
Ginger (Warming, Soothes Aches, Nourish)
Chocolate (Anti Oxidant, Repair, Rejuvenate, Firming)

Here’s the list of choice of MASK available –
Green Tea (Anti Oxidant, Anti Ageing, Whitening)
Coffee (Anti Oxidant, Boost Circulation)
Ginger (Warming, Soothes Aches, Nourish)
Chocolate (Anti Oxidant, Repair, Rejuvenate , Firming)
Milk (Whitening, Soften, Repair)
Balinese Boreh (Warming, For Muscle Aches or wind)

IMG_4375 IMG_4376

I chose chocolate for both because I was attracted by the ‘anti-oxidant’ component and while they were applying the scrub and mask, the chocolate smell was so enticing I would be really thankful if they could offer a slice of chocolate cake then. Ok, no such luck.

IMG_4377After applying the mask, cling film was used to wrap the hands and legs and I would have to rest for 10 minutes before they unwrap and gave me a short massage on both areas. This was really relaxing and I wish they could spend more time massaging. But I couldn’t ask for more since they are manicurists and not masseuses! Oh, I have to tell you, when they unwrapped and cleaned up, I could immediately feel that my skin is softer and fairer. Seemed rather magical, don’t you think?


Next, the application of the nail polish. This was done fast but well and I could see that the manicurists were concentrating real hard on their task. Before long, the whole session was over.


The whole session was soon over. Overall, the service was satisfactory although I would have  hoped that the manicurists could be friendlier. But if you are those who prefer not to chit-chat, then this is fine.

{Give-away} The Origins Nail Spa is giving away a complimentary Classic Manicure session to ONE reader. All you have to do is to leave a comment and tell me what colour you would choose when you go for a manicure session.


This giveaway will close on 25 June 2013 and results will be announced in an edit of this post so look out for it on this space and on my FaceBook page here.

{Promotion} In addition to the give-away, Origins Nail Spa has an ongoing GSS promotion valid from 1 June to 30 July 2013. To enjoy the perks, simply print out the coupon below and bring it along with you when you visit.


Origins Nail Spa
Address: 644 Bukit Batok Central #01-68 S’pore 650644 (5 mins walk from Bukit Batok MRT station)
Contact number: 6565 0350
Email: book@originsnailspa.com
Operating hours:
Mon – Fri , PH 11am-8 pm
Sat 10am – 8 pm
Disclosure: I was invited for a complimentary classic manicure, pedicure and nail spa session. No other compensation was received and all opinions are mine.
Update:  Congratulations to Zee. You have won the complimentary classic manicure session. I will be contacting you soon. Thank you to the rest of you who have participated. =)

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