FFWD | Goat cheese and strawberry tartine


So this is one of the easiest recipes, out of the so many others. However, it did take me out of my comfort zone because the main ingredient required is goat cheese. So, I need to tell you that I am not fond of cheeses. Yes, I don’t mind the common ones like cheddar, mozarella, gruyere, cream cheese and mascarpone. Apart from that, I don’t venture out. So goat’s cheese is…what’s that?

To the supermarket I went and yes, there’s plenty of cheeses. After much search, I found it! Yay!

I know tartines are made on slices of country bread but it happens that I still have a new loaf of wholemeal bread and I’ll just have to bear with it.

It makes for a good breakfast though I don’t really quite fancy it. I’m not a goat cheese person. :p

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