Makeover workshop with Style Essence

I’ve got my wish fulfilled when I was informed that I have won a makeover workshop with Style Essence through a give-away via a mommy blogger. For a person who doesn’t wear makeup because 1) I don’t know how to; 2) my makeup kit has long expired; and 3) makeup melts on my face so I don’t bother, it proves to be a treat and I was looking forward to it. No more frumpy-looking housewife or mother! And it pays to enter give-aways since there is always a chance to win!


The cosy learning area with loads of makeup kits

Florinda, the founder of Style Essence candidly went through some information on our body shapes, tips on dressing, skincare and makeup. So, I was told that I have an hourglass body shape which basically means my hip and bust line are almost of the same width and that my weight is evenly distributed. Cool colours work well on me too. Having such knowledge will help greatly in the choice of clothing style and makeup that I make.

Florinda also shared cleansing techniques and some skin care products with us and the one that I am most impressed with is the mask. We had it applied on one half of our face and see what was removed. Dirt! See the black spots on the cotton bud?

IMG_3960 IMG_1826

Lastly, the makeup segment. I admit that I fumbled at this stage. Florinda showed us the right way to put on makeup, first on one of the participants, and then got every one of us to do hands-on. Oh my, it proved a bit too much for me. I think such endeavours really need lots of practices.

IMG_3963 IMG_1827


So, this is me with some help from the expert.
Can you tell which side receives that aid?

Thank you for a fun session!

Thank you for a fun session!

So, in the end, I went home with some makeup goodies (can’t resist temptation). Now, I just need to apply what I have learnt and hopefully be more confident in using makeup. The husband wasn’t too impressed with the idea though but it does make me feel better. Call me vain but that’s what I am! ;p I wish I could remember a whole string of information from the workshop but I was too engrossed in the technical part that I forgot to take notes. If you are interested in a makeover workshop, do contact Florinda. She is really a terrific and humorous trainer.

By the way, Mary Kay whose products Style Essence uses, is doing a charity drive for Singapore Charity Cancer Foundation. More details can be found here.