My Petit Bowl experience {Review and Give-away}

“Weaning your baby from milk to solids is an important and exciting milestone for both of you and it’s a big step forward for your baby as it opens up a whole new world of taste. So there is nothing better for your baby than freshly prepared food…” – Annabel Karmel.

IMG_0161For a first-time mommy like me, it’s not just an exciting milestone, it can be a daunting one as well, especially if you are clueless and have little help at home. My plan is to provide fresh homemade baby food for Faith since I want her to be introduced to a wide range of foods and interact with the natural goodness and flavour of the food from young. Commercial baby foods are convenient but it is a no-no at this stage. Thankfully, my journey has been a smooth-sailing and happy one. Here’s why.

When Faith was around four months old, I was invited by Florinda, along with Irene, to a complimentary food group sampling at Petit Bowl where we were introduced to their concepts and given some food to sample. Faith was given a 3-week’s supply of complimentary frozen food to try and here’s my review of the whole experience.


Petit Bowl was located among one of the shops along Siglap Drive. The cheery interior provides a conducive environment for children and parents to meet. Its mission is simple: To provide nutritious and delicious meals for babies and children. Their passion for this is truly exemplified when the husband-and-wife team, Bernard and Josephine Kwong, shared their beliefs with us. Parents to three children, they want to offer them best food choices and experimented preparing the kids’ meals themselves. It wasn’t all that easy in the initial years but after research and testing, they are ready to share their cook-and-freeze children’s meals to parents.


As explained by Bernard and Ryan (a food technologist engaged by Petit Bowl), Petit Bowl’s meals are prepared by blending fresh ingredients like fruits, vegetables and grains, with fresh meat and fish and brown rice. All their meals are free of salt, sugar and artificial flavourings. What they do is to cook the foods, store them in capsules and freeze them. In this way, we can be assured that a high percentage of nutrients is retained. What we need to do is to reheat the food, straight from the freezer, by means of a microwave oven, pan-fry or simply steam it (using a wok or a steamer) and it would be ready in 15 minutes. And yes, you could just heat up the capsules since they are in microwavable containers. Simple? It sounds fuss-free to me!


IMG_0148 IMG_0127 IMG_0131

However, if you know that your child could not finish a whole capsule in one go, all you need to do is to cut the food (in their frozen state) in half, steam it and pop the rest back into the freezer.


Next, the delicious part. We were each given various samples from their puree and textured menu like butternut, zucchini, broccoli & pea and vegetable curry couscous. Since Faith was too young to taste then, we, as concerned parents, did so on her behalf.

IMG_0135 IMG_0137
IMG_0140 IMG_0159

I have to tell you, both the hubs and I love the food especially the vegetable curry couscous. Delicious! We wish we could have more! Poor Faith, all she could do was to watch us eat.


Fast forward two months and Faith is ready to take her first semi-solids. It has been a breeze. I appreciate the note and meal plan that Petit Bowl provides and all we need to do is to…follow. I even got my parents to prepare the meals for Faith when I have to run some errands and they have found no difficulty in doing so. Awesome!

IMG_4086 IMG_4087

I must say I enjoyed the whole experience, from the informative food sampling session to weaning Faith with Petit Bowl meals . It’s so easy and convenient to use and what’s important is I know I’m feeding Faith with quality food. It’s a good start and Faith has been enjoying her meals thus far.


I would strongly recommend Petit Bowl to:
* parents with busy schedules
* first-time mothers who need help in weaning
* caregivers who do not know how to prepare meals for young children

Now, you could also have the same hassle-free experience that I am having in preparing nutritious meals for your little one(s). The generous folks at Petit Bowl are giving away a $50 voucher to TWO readers. All you need to do is post a comment (e.g. share your weaning experience!) and leave your email address.

The give-away ends on 7 June 2013. So, what are you waiting for? 🙂


Petit Bowl
46 Siglap drive, Singapore 456171 (Frankel Estate)
Tel: +65 6256 5359
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 10am – 7pm
Visit their website or get updates from their facebook page.

Disclaimer: We were invited to a food sampling session at Petit Bowl and were offered 3 weeks of Petit Bowl meals for reviewing purposes. No monetary compensation was involved. All views and opinions shared are my own.

Update: The winners chosen by Faith (in a lucky-draw style) are Joleen Ng & Mae Shenoy. Congratulations! You will be notified by Petit Bowl soon!

35 thoughts on “My Petit Bowl experience {Review and Give-away}

  1. Hope to win for my 7 months old baby nephew. Weaning my own children were quite a breeze too, I’m just glad they are good eaters from young. 🙂

    • Good for you! It is really a thanksgiving that your children are not picky eaters. Hope you will win for your baby nephew! 🙂

  2. Ah weaning! It seems to be a different experience for every child! The first was a picky one, the second more adventurous. It certainly helps if the food has already been prepared, and the range by Petit Bowl seems to be really wide and healthy too! 🙂

  3. my baby is easy to wean, she likes fruits and steamed veggies, but i don’t have time to prepare it since she is so clingy… so i resorted to cerelac/gerber… she likes it at first but lately she wants a different texture i guess, she keeps wanting our “adult food”… i wanna try petit bowl… might save me time and baby will enjoy too…

  4. Providing freshly made nutritious food has always been challenging for a FTWM.

    I’m looking forward to trying out Petit Bowl in embracing this milestone with my precious little one.

  5. Wow Petit Bowl seems amazing! My weaning experiences have been rather positive as my baby loves solids, but I do wish I could make fresh food for my baby. So far he’s been eating organic jarred purees and cereals. Due to my busy schedule and many many family commitments, not to mention space constraints, I haven’t been able to set aside space to buy equipment nor have the time to explore recipes, which is rather upsetting because I want my baby to eat homemade food! I would definitely find Petit Bowl’s food and services very useful and convenient. 🙂

    • Yup, I believe every mom wants to give her best to the child but we can be constrained by many commitments. Thankfully your baby is adventurous in eating!
      Hope you will win, BBL! 🙂

  6. Would love to try it out for my 16 month old! i’m a klutz in the kitchen so my poor baby has mostly been eating the same old combinations of food steamed and blended together, pork, fish, potato, carrot and spinach. sometimes with a variation of pumpkin, peas, sweet potato or cauliflower. if not, it would be the baby packet foods i get from the supermarket…

  7. My first son was an easy eater and still is today, My second one, hmmmmmmmmmmm….. not a good eater. Have to coax and coax and bait and trap, just to get him to open his golden mouth. So far, he seems to like fruits alot more, so I’ve been mixing into his cereals and pureering different fruits and veggies to make it interesting.

    • Ah, good idea. Thanks for sharing. It’s good that your second one enjoys fruits! Loads of vitamins! Hope you will win!

  8. I have three kids, my eldest boy now 30months old was a picky and fussy eater, he hates traditional Chinese porridge but loves the pureed food I prepared. So I steamed, blend varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables for him. However he hated meat till now even its minced and pureed. my young twins of 9 months old have varied tastes and likings. still fussy over the traditional Chinese porridge, one prefers savory puree while the other prefers sweet puree. I had to do batches of pureed mashed potatoes , one in meat sauce and the other in sweet potato or pumpkin sauce. I would love to explore petit bowl so I can rest my hands while chopping fresh vegs and fruits for a little while even I am a sahm.

    • Oh my! I could imagine your busyness! Certainly it’s not easy, having to cater to different types of eaters. I certainly hope you will win! 🙂

  9. I struggled to wean Noah onto solids! He went through a phase when he barely tolerated purees, to one in which he rejected everything except grapes and puffs, to his current phase of eating porridge. Such a relief that he’s finally eating! The PD even said we might have to send him to a specialist if he continued to reject solids at 10 months old.

    • I would be worried if Faith rejects solids for a long time! Thankfully, Noah is taking to porridge now. It certainly is a relief! 🙂

  10. With my #1, she happily lapped up where er we offered her. The best advice we received was to offer veggies first, before introducing fruits later in the weaning process. Till today, at almost 3 years old, she still loves her veggies tremendously. Now that we are going to start the process with #2, we hope he will also have a hearty, easy to please palette. Having the food cooked in a healthy manner will certainly help us for #2, given that we will have to manage 2 kids this round without help.

  11. My daughter’s weaning journey was a breeze, with her happily lapping up everythinwe gave her. The best advise we received was to start her on veggies and only introduce fruits later in the weaning process. Nobody needs to be taught how to like sweet stuff afterall. So today, at 3, she loves her veggies very much. We hope that for our son, who will start the process in a few months time, the journey will be as smooth. Having the food prepared for us in a healthy manner will certainly be a go sent, since we do not have any extra help on hand! Thanks for th e opportunity to win=)

    • It’s great to hear that you have had an easy time weaning your daughter! What an encouragement. Certainly, we hope that your boy will love veggies too! Hope you will win! 🙂

  12. My weaning experiences:
    I believe in making fresh wholesome foods. Started out with 1 type of food at a time to rule out allergies. It was too funny because whatever the kiddos ate, they pooped a similar thing. Corn kernels came out whole and blueberries result in blue poo. Ok, no more poo talk.

    From puréed food, as baby learned how to chew better, food with more texture is introduced. When you can start mixing stuff, that’s when the possibilities are endless! I’ve always cooked the kids’ food and am a stickler for nutrition and nothing junky (no added salt, sugar, whatever) so here’s the general rule:
    Cook a variety of colours. There’s always something orange, green, red or white. Sometimes you can find purple (purple carrot/blueberries) too. If possible and affordable enough, use organic stuff. Sometimes going fully organic is just way to expensive and impossible so fresh produce from Australia is a good bet.
    Have fun cooking for your tot!

    Btw, I used to get some stuff from Petit Bowl back when they were in United Square. The kiddos loved the food! I’d really like to bring the kids for a visit to the SIGLAP store, maybe during the school hols!

    • Hey Pris, thanks for the great sharing. I share the same philosophy as you – give them wholesome, (better still) homemade food.
      I have so much to learn. I benefitted much from Petit Bowl’s food. Faith didn’t fuss at all and wanted more each time I feed her. It’s absolutely a good start!

  13. My daughter started off eating well. On weaning, she was open to eating anything we fed her mostly she was mimicking her elder brother’s feeding patterns. However, of late she has started to reject her food. Meal times are now a torture for all in the family as she would scream and shout and refuse to eat. She would eventually do so, after reinforcements and punishments but the cycle will repeat itself at each meal. Would like to try out Petite Bowl’s meals! Moreover, it’s just outside my house! 🙂

  14. I have 4 kids. When my elder 3 were babies I used to scald vege stems (chye sim) for them as finger food. It all started when my first grabbed at my plate of chye sim which I was going to add to maggi mee (trying to make my unhealthy lunch healthier, ha ha). I gave her a stem to chew on & surprisingly, she liked it! Now they are all vege lovers. However, I did notice that my older kids got tired of the same old porridge when babies. Hope to give my youngest who’s now 6 months old a greater variety with Petit Bowl.

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