FFWD | Asparagus soup

This week, we are having Asparagus soup (p. 58)! Does it remind you of spring? Of course, in Singapore, we do not have the four seasons but tropical climate throughout the year. Nevertheless, seeing these greens makes one feel refreshing and joyful no doubt.


I like my soup served hot (typical Chinese) but I realised this tastes good too even when it is cold. I’m surprised the hubs was willing to finish the whole bowl even though he is not so much of a veggie person. It’s a terrific change to the usual Chinese soups that we are so used to.


If you are interested in French cooking, why not join us inย French Fridays with Dorie?

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14 thoughts on “FFWD | Asparagus soup

  1. I thought this was pretty good. Mine turned out a pretty green because I didn’t follow directions… (I cooked the main asparagus just in the soup at the end). I can’t imagine eating a hot soup like this in Singapore right now. I tried mine cold too (which I liked better – of course I live in AZ in the southwest US where it’s already hot!), which I think I’d like a bit better.

    • Hi! Actually, in my culture, we drink our soup hot! Hah! Being a Cantonese (a chinese dialect and group), we cannot imagine drinking soup cold. ๐Ÿ™‚
      But I like the asparagus soup cold too.

  2. Love your little bundle of woody asparagus ends. They actually did add some value to the water/broth, didn’t they. I liked my soup hot and ate it that way with creme fraiche and crumbled crisy bacon but am looking forward to making it again and serving it cold with creme fraiche and chive bits. I wouldn’t mind it having a little more kick – don’t know what to add.

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