Nike She Runs 5K 2013

This is the first run that I have participated since coming back to Singapore due to the pregnancy. I’m thankful that the Nike She Runs gave me wonderful memories. I like races and love those that are well-organised.

The starting time was 6pm but I reckoned it would take some time to get to the race village since the place is not really accessible. Thankfully, the organiser arranged for shuttle bus and I met up with my race buddy at 4.30pm at the pick-up point.


At the train station, one would see a beeline of ladies decked in orange dri-fit t-shirt. Many heads turned as they wondered what these ladies were up to.



Look at how orderly our ladies were. No ugly scene but happy faces. The shuttle buses came every 5 to 10 minutes according to the race guide but my buddy and I didn’t wait long before we boarded the bus.



Security was rather tight for this race. Bags were checked before you could get into the race village. I have not been to a race like this before, based on my memory. But in any case, it sets our minds at ease especially after the horrific incident during the recent Boston Marathon.



Look, even the baggage deposit system is in alphabetical order. This makes for easy deposit and retrieval of bags. Excellent. As you can see from the picture, this race village became a gathering site for the ladies. Everyone was at ease, enjoying the cool (but humid) weather.

IMG_3736 IMG_3741

Of course, nothing is perfect. There were some glitches but they were forgivable. Prior to the first wave (6pm), the ladies were already waiting at the start pen which opened at 5.30pm. Imagine thousands of us waiting in the tight and crowded space. Enthusiasm soon waned as we stood for more than 30 minutes. The race started late and we were getting real thirsty.

When the race started, there were bottlenecks. If you intend to do a personal best, this race is probably not suitable unless you are among the first few in the start line. I find myself having to come to a halt or just jog since there were so many others blocking my path. There is no point in spending the energy weaving in and out of every tiny space available so I decided to take in real slow and enjoy the scenic skyline with my buddy.

Overall, the Nike She Runs left a good impression on me. Here’s why:

1) It was well organised, judging by how fast I collected my race pack prior to the actual day and how smooth the transportation arrangement was.

2) The ladies actually threw the cups into the dustbins provided during the race!!! Obviously, we were not out to be the top few and we took the time to jog with our friends and to care for our environment! 🙂

3) I saw how friends encouraged their buddies to continue running. Some waited for their buddies, others motivated theirs to carry on. During the race, when you got pushed by some runners, you got an apology. That’s manners, my friends. 🙂


4) It was conducted in the evening. Splendid. If it was conducted in the early morning, I think many mothers wouldn’t be able to make it. Think about the logistics involved in settling the kids!

5) After the finish point, the collection of the finisher’s tee (yes, we have finisher’s tee, even for a 5K run!) was smooth. Each line was marked by the shirt sizes that the runners wear. In other runs, I almost never get the size that I want and instead got an oversized t-shirt which I could not wear and have to pass it on to my hubs. This time round, I got the right size!

IMG_37566) After the run, every runner was given a banana, hotdog, a can of isotonic drink and a bottle of mineral water. If you don’t mind queuing, you could get ice-cream and massage done! How awesome is that! Or you can spend time chatting up with your friends while enjoying the gig by 53A, my favourite local band.


The folks at Nike certainly know what women want and this race is a success, in my opinion. For $40, I received two dri-fit Nike T-shirts, a water bottle, a recycling bag and a good experience. Totally worth it.

So Nike, maybe you might want to consider organising a marathon/half-marathon for ladies, just like the one you organise in San Francisco? We certainly would love to have the Tiffany’s necklace as our finisher’s medal. Consider please? Please?


I had fun jogging with my friend of almost 20 years.

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