FFWD | Creamy mushrooms and eggs

Because of this recipe, my hubs and I could enjoy a delectable cafe-style breakfast. I’m so loving it that I intend to make this again, with poached eggs and brioche, if I have the time. :p

For now, it will be this. But I’m already satisfied.


If you are interested in French cooking, why not join us in French Fridays with Dorie?

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14 thoughts on “FFWD | Creamy mushrooms and eggs

  1. Lynn you MADE this? This looks like what I pay 15 bucks to eat, at one of those brunch places! I never fail to be amazed by your food posts. 😉

    • To be honest, I was so happy seeing the pic. hahahah. It looks a bit like those we pay $15 at cafes. It’s the recipes that should be given credit!!! Tastes good too!

  2. Yours looks just delicious! I think that no matter how they’re combined, it’s a great combination. I made mine generally per the recipe, and loved every bit of it – thinking of when I can make it again!!

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