FFWD | Swiss chard pancakes


Ok, the first thing I asked myself upon looking at the title is what on earth is swiss chard? It sounds like some cheese and after googling, to my surprise, it is some greens! This is how ignorant I am. Do pardon me.

I wonder if there is any chinese name to this vegetable in my current context. I have seen and surely eaten swiss chard but didn’t know that they have such a name. Over here, the vegetables could be given some Chinese and dialect names so I could only look for swiss chard by how it looks. Apparently, the supermarket I visited yesterday did not stock up on this and I am going to replace it by using red spinach.


Farcous as these pancakes are called in France, are a staple throughout Southwest France and in French homes, they are a main course, most often served with a salad. The portion can be as large as a skillet but Dorie prefers them smaller, to be served as an hors d’oruvre.

IMG_0523I have eaten some form of vegetables pancakes as well during my travels to Taipei and Shanghai. Their versions include a lot of chives and are sold along the streets. I remember eating them like this.

Anyway, the pancakes are easy to make. First blend the ingredients (like milk, eggs, flour, shallot, onion, garlic cloves) together before adding swiss chard and in my case, red spinach, to the mixture and continue blending. I do not have a blender at home but thank God, Mom lives near me and I could borrow hers.

IMG_0514 IMG_0515

Farcous could be made a few hours ahead and kept covered at room temperature and then reheated before serving. Alternatively, they can be packed airtight and frozen for a longer period. Just reheat as needed.

FFWD participants do not publish the recipes on our blogs but a version of the above can be found here. If you are interested in French cooking, why not join us in French Fridays with Dorie?

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14 thoughts on “FFWD | Swiss chard pancakes

  1. Yours look like they turned out perfectly. It’s great that you could borrow your mother’s blender – I bet she appreciated the result, too.

  2. Your pancakes look great! I love the color of that red spinach. I don’t think you’re missing much with the Swiss chard – spinach is better! Nice work!

  3. Looks interesting, I’ll google and find a similar recipe and try my hands on it. Who knows, it may be a great hit with the DinoFamily~ Thanks for sharing!

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