The nursery of a 5-month-old

As Faith grows, so does the amount of stuff in her room. The nursery used to contain just the basics but now, more toys are added since the parents thought that she would need some companionship.

Before such memories fade, I thought it would be good to capture the ‘growth’ of her nursery.


Faith’s room is rather small as one side of the wall has been hacked and replaced by a built-in wardrobe for the parents. Still, it could contain most of the essentials like a cot, a set of drawers and an armchair!

This has got to be the area that I like most. Why? I nurse Faith in this armchair and treasure every moment of that intimacy with her. Witnessing her growth is a joy and I’m constantly thankful that she is developing well. Faith is growing taller and when she stretches in my arms, she knocks her head against the sides of the chair. It won’t be long before this chair will be shifted out.

An organised changing area is especially helpful. You know exactly where to look for for specific items. However, the changing mat will soon be replaced as IMG_0488Faith grows.

A praying teddy bear by the lamp to remind me to pray constantly for Faith.

Have you been praying for your child?


The is the play area where Faith has her tummy-time and performs her flip. Now, she is constantly trying to crawl push herself out of the mat.


There isn’t room for a wardrobe in this room so one side of the walls has been used to display her dresses. This reminds the mummy of the frocks that she has and at the same time decorates the rather plain-looking nursery.

IMG_0492 IMG_3325
Left: A small reading corner is created for her and of course, we are looking to expand it!
Right: Training Faith on the high chair at the corner of the room.


IMG_3481Pouches hang by the sides of the cot, for organising soft toys and milk bottles.

IMG_0494Oh my! How you have grown, Faith.

Check back again in a few months’ time and see the changes for yourself!