Red Velvet Cupcakes


Ever wonder how these cupcakes get their red?
I once had that thought and was wondering how the taste would be like. So I purchase one at a cupcake store, took a bite and was curious – it had a mild chocolatey taste. So, what cause the colour? And obviously, the answer lies in the red colouring that is added in the making of red velvet cupcakes.

If you look through the ingredients of cupcakes, you might find that the ones that red velvet cupcakes need are a tad different from the other common ones. For example, instead of baking powder, baking soda is used. Also, buttermilk and distilled white vinegar are used instead of whole milk. It is said that the reaction between cocoa powder and baking soda gives a tinge of red to the batter, but it is definitely insufficient to result in a good red. So, red food colouring has to be added. The recipe I followed calls for 2 tablespoon of it but I only used about a teaspoon of my wilton’s christmas red colouring gel. So, I guess it very much depends on how ‘powerful’ your colouring paste/gel is.

Recipes for red velvet cupcakes are more or less the same. For this batch, the recipe I used is from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook.