FFWD | Cod and spinach roulades


I admit I nearly gave up on this dish. It’s rather troublesome and especially with a baby who constantly vies for your attention, the making of these roulades can prove a tad too much to handle.

In short, this dish is made of a light fish mousse that is filled with lemony spinach. It is rolled into a sausage shape and steamed. Dorie explained that this dish used to be prepared by chefs working in grand French restaurants and of course the tedious work of getting perfectly smooth mousse was done by the apprentices. In our case, we just need to use the food processor and viola, we can have the same product too!

The morning saw me making the tomato-lemon sauce and my senses awoke when IMG_0432the aroma of melted butter and garlic filled the air. Hmm… and when I added the tomatoes, I decided then that I had to persist and make this dish work!

I didn’t use cod but replaced it with Sutchi fillet since the recipe calls for any other white fish fillet. To make the roulades, we basically have to put the small pieces of the fillet, egg whites and cream, together with salt and pepper into the processor and let the machine do the work. The next step then is to use the cling wrap to wrap and roll the mousse and the spinach into a sausage. Once this is done, it is a breeze thereafter. Just steam it!



I’m so glad that I persisted. Everything about this dish is new to me – the tomato lemon sauce, making the roulade with spinach and steaming with cling wrap! It feels good to learn new stuff! And the best part? I do enjoy having it for my dinner. It’s well worth the effort!


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