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This would be my second type of financiers that I have baked, the first being David Lebovitz’s Green Tea Financiers.

Financiers are domed-shaped French tea-cakes with a soft and springy texture which taste of caramelized butter and almond. According to Dorie, these cakes were invented at Patisserie Lasne which was a favourite of the stockbrokers who worked at the nearby Bourse. The brokers, financiers, would rush in, looking for a sweet and then rushed out. Lasne then realised that they needed “fast food” like a pastry that they could eat without knife or fork and resulted in these small cakes.

The batter for Financiers is made by combining all-purpose flour with ground almond and sugar. To that is added lightly beaten egg whites and brown butter (beurre noisette). Brown butter is just clarified butter which has been cooked until the milk solids have dropped to the bottom of the saucepan and turned golden brown. This butter gives the Financiers their rich caramel flavor. The batter could be made in advance, say, one day and then bake the next day. However, if you areIMG_0385 in a rush, one hour of chilling in the refrigerator might do the job too. The batter can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

I do not have a financier pan but made do with a pan that I have bought years ago but have not used before! Alternatively, mini-muffin pan will do just fine and pass off as petit fours (I’ll use this tomorrow). I top the financiers with strawberries and kiwiberry but they are good by themselves.


Yummy! But what do you do with the unused egg yolks?

If you are interested in French cooking, why not join us in French Fridays with Dorie?

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20 thoughts on “FFWD | Financiers

  1. I love your square version of the financier. And, kiwi? Who’d have thought it…. Like Paula, I couldn’t figure that one out. Glad you made the neurre noisette – I think it added a complexity to a little cake that was already delicious. I used a mini-muffin tin and a madeleine mold. It all works. Yours look delicious. Save the yolks for ice cream.

  2. Wow, kiwiberry how cool is that!! Your financiers look just delicious with their berries nestled on top. I would use egg yolks for cookies, like I really need more cookies,lol!!

  3. Looks so yummy! I’ve always been very tickled by the name of this type of cake so at least now I know it’s origin. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your Financiers looks lovely!! I love the little squares! I’ve never had kiwiberry…very interesting. I would love to give the Green tea Financiers a try. They sound wonderful!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog…it’s nice to meet you!

  5. While I have eaten kiwis, I have never tried kiwi berries, I do not think that I have ever seen any around here – to add them to your square financiers was certainly very creative – I also added halved strawberries (along with pistachios) to mine – nice choice too!
    Have a good weekend!

  6. I like the square shapes and the kiwi sound delightful in them. Now, green tea financiers sound really different. I can see that I am going to be making these for awhile because I want to try all the different variations that I have seen and read about. I try to make lemon or orange curd with my leftover egg yolks. What’s wonderful about making curd is that you can freeze it and use it when needed.

  7. Definitely interested in the green tea version – will have to look into those.
    Your financiers look great. I have never hears of kiwi berries.
    I used four of my leftover yolks to make madeleines and the other two went into pastry cream. (Although, Ice cream is always my first choice for those left over yolks!)

  8. I finally made these this week – they’re so good! I like your square version and the choices you made for the fruit you added. I was wondering what to do with the egg yolks, too, since I didn’t want to make ice cream. I found a cookie recipe that called for six egg yolks and they were quite good.

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