Wordful Wednesday: I do, now and forever

histhoughts1It has been more than 3 years since we said “I do” and certainly not without our ups and downs. There have been many changes, not just due to the marriage, but movements not only from one house to the next, but even from one country to another.


Working together to have our catch

Over the past three years, we have:
– Stayed at L’s place on weekdays and K’s on weekends.
– Moved to Boston where we first got our own place and our first taste of living only with each other. And no where to hide or parents to run to so we had better get along! (We did. Not without tears at times, but we did. =) )
– Moved back to SG, buying a house that we had never seen personally. (Only through videos and pictures sent through the net. Many thanks to Sis and CG!)
In total, not counting the shuttling back and forth that happened when we first got married, we’ve moved about 4 times in 3 years. It seems a little strange to be settled in a place that we might well be living in for the next 30+ years…
More than just the physical location, we’ve also:
– Learnt to get along with each other’s quirks and personality.
– Begun to learn what it means to be parents to a God-given little bundle of joy. So many things that we do not know or cannot control that we cannot help but to place our trust in Him.
As L may have mentioned in previous posts:
– Faith was thought to have a high risk of Down syndrome.
– To determine if she did indeed have that, we had to consider whether or not we wanted to take the risk of an Amnio.
– After God led us through that, we were informed later on that it was strange that she had not engaged even late on in the pregnancy.
– A scan saw the umbilical cord near her neck. Doctor advised inducement.
– After a 19 hour labour, Faith entered into the world via a natural birth, with the umbilical cord wound around her neck. (Whenever I relate this to friends, many are surprised that the doctor didn’t immediately opt for a Caesarean over a natural birth…)
And many more surprises and challenges to come I’m sure. With much joy as well. =) (We count our blessings and thank God that Faith has been a rather ‘easy’ baby thus far. Keep praying for us!)
Our dear folks in Boston

Our dear folks in Boston

Over the years as well, as we continue to prepare for a forever together, we have:
– Gone for a pre-marital course at our church.
– Gone for newly-wed sharing sessions at our adopted church in Boston.
– Been invited for a sharing session on relationships for young university students.
– And last Saturday, we went for a short talk on marriage.
It was an interesting talk, by a very engaging couple who have been married for 36 years now. They shared on 5 main points.
1) Keep your Spouse No. 1
2) Talk, Laugh, and Communicate
3) Manage your Money in Harmony
4) Raise your Children Together
5) Enjoy Sexual Intimacy
There weren’t any real surprises. All five points are pretty common knowledge I think, though it is always good to be reminded of them. We’re currently on a journey for (4) I guess. And what a journey it has been. =)
Our family of three!

Our family of three!

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