Spring Court Restaurant

Spring Court Restaurant is reportedly the oldest Chinese restaurant in Singapore and since it was featured on the Sunday Times a few weeks ago, we decided to dine there on a Sunday, taking advantage of the 84-cents’ Peking duck (when you spend $84 and above)

IMG_3288 IMG_3240

The restaurant is located at 52-56 Upper Cross Street and is among one of those shophouses. There are ample carparks around the vicinity and we soon got ourselves a lot. However, we found ourselves having to wait for about 15 minutes before we were seated even when we have made a reservation. Must be a busy day.

We went straight to ordering Char Siew Sou since all my family members like it and we were all pleased with it because it IS good. The pastry is soft and flaky and the char siew very tasteful.


Along with this, we also ordered some dim sum items like Char Siew buns and Xiao Long Bao (by now, you should know we love baos…).

IMG_0336 IMG_0332
IMG_0339 IMG_0334

It’s never a wrong move to let the matriarch decide on the dishes…


while the rest posed for the camera!

IMG_0322 IMG_0323
IMG_0326 IMG_3260 IMG_0328

Ok, back to the food. We had a bowl of shark’s fin soup (haha), yam cake ring, fish, asparagus, Dou Miao and Peking Duck and noodles. On the whole, the food was delicious but I thought the Peking duck is a tad too dry and nothing spectacular while the vegetables were so-so. 

IMG_0342 IMG_0344
IMG_0346 IMG_0354

On the whole, the food was delicious but we were more satisfied with the dim sum. I like that the restaurant exudes a family-friendly feel to the dining experience. The servers are prompt in their service but a little more smiles would be very much welcome. And I love the location since we can always adjourn to some desserts stalls after that (which we did!).


Spring Court Restaurant
52-56 Upper Cross Street
Singapore 058348
11am to 2.30pm, 6pm to 10.30pm

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