FFWD: Pierre Herme’s olive sables


I am all excited for this week’s item for the following reasons:

1) I have not cooked using olive before. Olive oil, yes, but not olive itself. Growing up, mom has never introduced this so it is alien to me. Most of the time, when they exist in a salad that I order, I would put them aside, even though I know how they can benefit the body.

2) This recipe was given to Dorie by Pierre Herme. How can you not bake it??

3) I have not baked sables before and a savory one? This is going to be super exciting!

IMG_3186The other day, I went to the local supermarket to purchase the pitted black olives. The lady at the counter asked me what I would be doing with it. My reply, “I’m going to bake cookies with it.” Her eyes widened. Huh? Olives? I have never heard of that! Neither have I.

So, you can imagine my excitement.

I started preparing this yesterday since it is advisable to chill the dough for at least several hours, or, better yet, overnight. And since I cannot wait to taste it, I baked about 6 slices of them, just to try.

 IMG_3201 IMG_3204


The dough for these slice and bake sables (French for shortbreads) includes the grated yolk (whoah!) of a hard-boiled agg, potato starch and confectioners’ sugar and the dough is super soft which explains why we need to chill it.


So, how does a sable taste like? Personally, I’m not quite sure but mine is rather tender. I like the savory twist to a cookie. Brilliant.

Note: Try not to use canned black olives. They will fall apart or turn mushy when chopped.

If you are interested in French cooking, why not join us in French Fridays with Dorie? Next item on the list is Financiers. Can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “FFWD: Pierre Herme’s olive sables

  1. I also liked the savory twist on these cookies. They’re addictive. I can’t seem to stop nibbling on them. Good thing I only baked one roll so far.

  2. It is a very hard cookie to describe, isn’t it? Sweet? Salty? Both! These were so tasty, we loved them at my house. Yours look terrific!

  3. These were very tender for sables, but oh so good 🙂
    My youngest daughter always picks out the olives, so I was surprised she loved these.

    Nice job!

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