A cake for mom


I have been thinking about making a cake for mom for quite some time. And I thought it apt to do so for her birthday. In our family, we don’t really celebrate birthdays. At most, we will go out for a meal (and that only happens for dad and mom) but most of the time, it is just a greeting.

This year, sis and her family would be coming back and I thought of a cake that would please the young and old. My nephews love strawberries and I thought the strawberry cake that I have baked a while ago would suffice. But to celebrate mom’s birthday, perhaps I should pipe rosettes on it?


I took two days to bake this cake because it’s quite a challenge to do so in one day with a baby who needs you to carry her at times. On Thursday, I baked the sponge cake and sandwiched with two layers of sliced Korean strawberries (cos mom said these strawberries are sweeter) and whipped cream frosting.



Deciding on what to use for the rosettes is difficult. I need a frosting that could withstand the hot and humid weather of Singapore. However, I also want the cake to be tasty and not too candy-like so frosting made with icing sugar is out. In the end, I settled on swiss meringue buttercream. Fortunately, I found this website but I have changed the method a little.

Using the same amount of ingredients,
100g egg white (3 large eggs)
135g sugar
227g unsalted butter, soft but still cold, cut into small equal size of cubes

Remove butter from fridge and cut into small cubes, set aside (you can do so slightly later too). Lightly whisk egg whites in a mixing bowl, place over a pot of simmering water (double boiler).


Add in sugar in 3 batches, whisk sugar and egg whites till sugar is fully dissolved (rub some with your fingers, if it feels grainy, it hasn’t dissolved yet). I took about 4 minutes.

IMG_0223Remove from heat. Transfer the mixture into another bowl and using the standmixer and the balloon whisk, I whisk for about 5mins till peaks are stiff, thick and glossy.


With the mixer at low (speed 1 or 2), add in the butter cube one by one, ensuring that each addition is well incorporated before adding the next one. Beat till mixture become curdles, stop the mixer, take a spatula, continue to fold and stir till the mixture become creamy and satiny. This takes rather long and at first, it was runny and I wanted to give up. But I thought I should just persist and there and then, it curdled. Phew!


Using Ateco’s 824 star tip and adding a tinge of Wilton’s rose colouring, pipe rosettes on the cake. Remember to do a crumb coat first! If you know me, I’m not very good with decorating and piping so this is not done very well. Since Faith was making noise while I was doing all these, I thought she should just join me.

click here

click here

I’m going to share with you a secret. The batch of buttercream is insufficient! I could only cover the top part and half of the side. So, I guess I would have to increase 1.5 times for the buttercream the next time! For now, I just have to bear with the imperfections and hopefully, mom wouldn’t mind. She won’t. I’m sure. I have fun making this cake and I’m actually quite hooked!

And so, I’m striking off one of the to-do items off my 30-stuff’s list. Yay!

IMG_0250Ok. Packed. Can’t wait for dinner later!

* Note to self. Photography skill needs to improve. Need to buy cake stand.

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17 thoughts on “A cake for mom

  1. This looks really pretty, Lynn. So sweet of you to bake something for your mum. I’ve always thought of doing something for my mum, bake or cook. Haven’t done something like that in a long time. Maybe I will do something special for Mother’s Day!

    • Yes yes, do try! Remember there is this linky about doing something for our mothers on Mother’s Day? I thought of baking a cake so since I have done so, I have to think about other stuff to do for her on that day. Hahahha!

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  4. Hi! just want to ask how you store this cake? Plan on making my sister a cake but dont know if this smbc will hold during transport? Thanks in advance…i love your blog, been a follower for a few months now;)

    • Hello! Did you comment twice? 😬 SMBC will hold in our heat and also during transport. That’s the beautiful thing about this buttercream and esp the IMBC. I store the cake in a cake box, those simple white boxes will do just fine. Hope this helps.

      • Thanks for your reply;) i dont know what i did wrong, my sbmc melted while i was piping stars on the sides of my sister’s cake. Do you think it’s because I only used a hand mixer? I worked in a non-aircon room…or should i use shortening instead of butter next time? So for now, im back to using american buttercream

      • Hi! Sorry to hear that! I also work in a non-aircon room and you have to pipe rather quickly when you use SMBC because the heat from our palm will melt it. What I do is to use small amount each time in the piping bag and add more from the mixer bowl when that batch finishes. This will prevent melting and disaster! Ive encountered that before and learnt.

        American buttercream is sweet! cos we just keep adding icing sugar to make it more stable.

      • That’s a great tip! Thank you;) will try again…you’re right, the american buttercream is too sweet.

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