FFWD: Lemon-steamed spinach


I’m late for this post but I’m sure the FFWD community will forgive. I love it that this is a fuss-free dish (I used 5 minutes in all for this) and is most helpful when we are faced with a busy weekend.

I must confess that I didn’t follow the recipe to a tee because as I opened the fridge door, I realised, lo and behold, there wasn’t any lemon!!! I have forgotten to top them up! In the end, I added orange zest and a little lemon juice to create that tangy taste. IMG_0109

I would not normally use such a method to steam my veggies. Instead, I would do the reverse – steam the veggies and then add the seasoning sauce. Perhaps, I would use this method the next time I steam my the greens.

So, thanks to this, I have a slightly heartier breakfast. Nope, today is not Friday. It is a Saturday morning.

I can’t wait to attempt the next recipe though.

Join us in this adventure – French Fridays with Dorie.