Good Friday brekky @ Eggs and Berries

My family are early risers, whether or not it is a work day or holiday. It’s just how our body clocks work and today, the hubs and I got up at 5am again, after baby Faith called out for milk.

At 6am, both the adults were hungry and started to look for places which serve early breakfast. No, we decided to give hawker centres a miss since we have been there a few mornings already. A few other choices popped up but yours truly really isn’t the sort to travel far unless I am given ample notice and in the end, we ended up somewhere in the east – Eggs and Berries.

It is situated at Changi City Point and a quick check shows that there are quite a lot of eateries to choose from. Ah…how could we have missed this mall?

Eggs and Berries wasn’t really open for business when we reached there at 7.50am. It’s okay. We loitered around and the kind waitress let us in five minutes to 8am. We are the first customers again!

There’re quite a lot of items on the menu and the best is they are for all day dining! Whoah! However, we wanted to go for a normal breakfast so it’s usual fare (like eggs, bacon, toast, etc) for us.

gifLook! The hubs is having a hard time deciding what to have.



I had the All time mushroom and egg while the hubs ordered the Early riser breakfast. We were pleased with the food and we certainly left the eatery on a full stomach! The brewed coffee’s excellent too!


As anticipated, Faith wants to join in the breakfast. Sigh!

So, we have found one more eatery which serves good early breakfast and the quest continues. Just a note. If you want to use the toilets at around 9am in the mall, please be prepared that you will face the following at every level. Ridiculously true! They should stagger the timing to clean the toilets, no? So, in the end, I have to rest my big Mama bums on a small toilet bowl meant for children.

IMG_3069Be warned

Eggs & Berries
Changi Business Park Central 1, #B1-37/38 Food Junction, Changi City Point, Singapore (Expo MRT)
Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm Daily

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