A not-so-happy day

This is one of those days in which I would:
1) say ‘no, thank you’ to your suggestion of having more kids.
2) be asking myself why I am a SAHM.
3) be asking, “Dear hubs, where are you? Help!”
4) raise both my hands and said, “I surrender, Lord. You take over.”

Dear Faith

IMG_0068Mama had a very tiring day today and I just wanted to be away from you. I think you had the same thoughts too.

We started off on a good note. Brought you to the wet market and the uncles and aunties were commenting how adorable and good you were. However, upon reaching home, you got hungry and asked for milk which I gladly offered. The next moment when I carried you, you threw up the food that you consumed and dirtied the floor.


It was really a mess. And naturally, Mama wanted to clean up but you wouldn’t let me put you in the cot. You cried, screamed, wailed and I’m sure the neighbours in the next block could hear you and must be wondering how bad a mother I am. But seriously, I think you are throwing tantrums and I really dislike it. You went on like this for the whole morning. You can cry for all your want but if that is how you think I would relent, you should try a different tactic.


You made Mama very angry today and I’m sure you didn’t like the scolding session. And I have to let you know that Mama loves you a lot despite that. I wouldn’t want to raise up a spoilt brat and I certainly wouldn’t give you what you want just because you cry.

Mama’s wrists would never heal if you insist that I carry you ALL the time. I don’t know why you like to do that because you didn’t act like this previously. I want you to know that I would not oblige all the time simply because I can’t.


I had enough of you and decided that I should call for help. Thankfully, your grandma decided not to go out after I asked her to look after you. I went for a jog to cool myself, knowing that you are in good hands and when I came back, I saw both grandpa and grandma with you. How sweet. Grandpa just came back from his dialysis treatment and he should be feeling weak but he still wanted to play with you. I’m indeed thankful for him.


I want you to know that I love you a lot but please, do Mama a favour? Stop behaving like a princess. Mama is tired, be considerate please?