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Every year, I make resolutions because I like working towards certain goals. This year, however, I couldn’t pen down any as I was busy with the kiddo. So life drifted  until recently when I’m trying to get a hold of myself. You can certainly be lost in motherhood!

While I was doing Pilates the other morning, it dawned on me that I am really unfit! My abs muscles have evaporated into thin air and I couldn’t ‘peel’ myself off the ground. How annoying. At that instant, I told myself that if I do not take care of my health, I would not be able to do a lot of things, and yes, that would include taking care of Faith. My wrists’ condition is where it is right now partly due to my stubbornness not to get them treated and rested. So, I have decided not to be ‘hero’ but to take time to rejuvenate and rest.

Over the past week too, the sudden death of Professor Winston Koh set me thinking about what I am doing with my life. Nope, I do not know him personally but I was reminded that our lives are in His hands and I have no control over how long I can live. So , just one life, live it well, to the glory of God.

winston koh[Credits]

I particularly like this shot of the late Dr Koh. It shows a man who was an adrenaline junkie, an avid photographer and a scholarly person all at the same time. He had a passion for life and of learning but sadly it was the new-found passion, diving, that cost him his life.

Ok, so it seems that there is no real connection of the above to the list of things that I plan to accomplish. I guess I just want to remind myself that life is precious and instead of letting each day pass by me and deeming it boring, I should embrace life and be thankful that I am allowed to breathe and live for another one more day.  So, here’s my to do list for my 30 stuff – 2013!

See my 2011’s and 2010′s to-do list for 30 stuff (though it doesn’t mean that I have to have 30 things to accomplish).

In no particular order of preference, they are:

(1) Breastfeed Faith for at least six months
It has been my intention all along that I would breastfeed Faith exclusively for this amount of time and thus, I applied for 2 months’ of NPL to achieve that. But my gynae has suggested that I continue to do that for one whole year. I’m not sure if I can do so when I go back to work but I’ll try.

(2) Communicate with Faith using Mandarin
This has proved difficult. While I spoke Cantonese and subsequently in Mandarin when I was growing up, English has become the dominant language now. I want Faith to be an effective bilingual so I know I have to start speaking to her in Mandarin while the hubs uses English with her. I hope to persevere. Speaking, thus far, is all right but I’m not sure so about reading. Perhaps, it’s back to learning that language again?

(3) Project ‘While You Were Sleeping’
This idea was conceived in my boredom. Caring for Faith 24/7 is not all fun and laughter. It can be a lonely path, especially when your world is the apartment that you live in. It gives me real joy and excitement when I could bake when Faith is sleeping. Imagine the challenge of having to create something in that short span of time and then…the eating part! This project will have to end in June when I go back to work. Thus far, I have 13 baked stuff. Let’s aim for 20!

(4) Run with Faith
I wanted Faith to grow up being secured and knowing that life is filled with all possibilities and fun (amid pain and suffering). I, myself, have witnessed how my own mom embraced life, toiling daily while taking time to pursue her interests. So, yes, I hope to share my passions with Faith and the first being running! I will be running with her (in stroller) for the coming Shape run. Bless them for having a new category – Stroller fun run!

(5) Run with buddies
I find it difficult to find running buddies, especially now that I have to take care of a kid so time is actually not on my side most of the time. Still, I recalled the few runs that I had with my gfs and I thought I should continue to do that. Nike 5km run, here we come! Running with Boon.

(6) Attempt half marathon
Ok, so by now, you should know that I love running, no matter if I am not fast. And for the past decade, I have been participating in the year-end Standard Chartered runs and this year, I hope to complete a half marathon. It would be tough but let’s just see. Certainly hope that the hubs will join me!

(7) Plan a family trip to Penang
It seems like we are off to a tradition of having a family trip every two years. The last time, the folks came over to visit us in Boston and I took the initiative to plan the trip. There’s certainly a few lessons to learn and I hope this trip would be fun for all, baby included.

(8) Food/Photography post (Travelogue) of the Penang trip

(9) Back to roots: Cook 5 Peranakan dishes
Ken’s auntie has been cutting out recipes of Peranakan dishes for me. I think quite subtly, she is hinting that I should learn the craft of cooking them. Been wanting to do that but just didn’t get down to doing it. Perhaps I would do a blog post of her teaching me Bakwan Kepiting which is the hubs’ favourite.

(10) Back to roots: Cook ONE Hakka dish
When people ask me what dialect group I belong to, I would also reply my mother’s dialect group which is cantonese. So, yes, I know how to cook Cantonese dishes because those are the food that I grow up eating. I am actually a Hakka but do not know how to speak that dialect nor cook any of those dishes. So let’s not be ambitious, one will do and that dish would be Hakka Abacus Seeds, also known as suan pan zi.

(11) Read 10 books for 2013
Ok, this is a real struggle especially when you have a kid and household chores to handle. And it’s worse when you have to go back to work. But I find reading essential especially if the content is about raising children. Let’s just see how I can manage. To date, I have read 7. Way to go!

(12) Attend Pilates once a week
So that I will not waste my gym membership. Hah…

(13) Capture the development of Faith through the lens
I am one person who likes to reminisce and I do so through pictures. Faith grows up so fast and at times, I fail to capture beautiful moments that could be stored in  my memory (card). I hope to take good pictures of her and document her growth weekly. You are my wild is my inspiration.

(14) Shed the stubborn 3kg
I put on a total of 13kg during the pregnancy of which 9kg goes to Faith, placenta and whatever contents found in the womb. I have only shed 1kg thus far and the remaining 3kg resides in my body and refuses to go off!

(15) Do something for mom to celebrate Mother’s Day

(16) Document 10 Bento boxes
Since I’m going back to work in June and I wanted to eat well, I think home-made Bento boxes is the way to go.

(17) Bake 10 different types of bread
Baking bread is therapeutic and I always learn something new from the process. Besides, a colleague has decided to turn to baking and I thought it would be good to share what I have learnt with her.

(18) To attempt FFWD at least 3 times a month

(19) Attend a musical

(20) Attend a seminar from BSF

(21) Conduct a baking session for friends
I have conducted a macaron baking session with a few gfs in Boston before we left. This time round, what would it be?

2 thoughts on “30 stuff

  1. Hi Lynn, I really enjoyed this post. Gave me something to think about as like you said, it’s easy to get lost and caught up living life with kids. Thanks for joining #ichoosejoy (my little joy project). And I certainly hope you reach 20 baked goods for Project “While you were sleeping”! 🙂

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