FFWD: ispahan loaf cake


I have decided to resurrect the French Fridays with Dorie adventures after more than a year of absence. Yes, blame it on relocation to home, getting our new apartment, getting pregnant and having a kid. No, I have not abandoned the cookbook. In fact, I have revisited some of the dishes that I have attempted before and now I’m craving for more French in my cooking.

I must say that I’m excited about this recipe – ispahan loaf cake (pg 440) –  simply because rose syrup is one of the ingredients needed. It is easily available here and it reminds me of a drink that I used to have when I was in elementary/primary school. It is called bandung and is essentially milk with rose syrup. The eager beaver in me is excited to find out the outcome of this cake. And since Dorie mentioned that the great pastry chef Pierre Herme has made his collection of Ispahan desserts to be among his best sellers, how could I not bake this cake?


I didn’t get to purchase rose extract but I replaced it with rose essence. The cake took more than the stipulated time to bake and even after putting it in the oven for another 10 minutes, the interior is a tad moist. I have to turn up the temperature and put it in the oven for another 10 minutes before it is all baked.


The turnout? Pinkish, soft, tight and springy just like what Dorie described in her cookbook. Love the use of fresh raspberries too!

After this baking attempt, I have to take a break from it. The hubs was not pleased with the fact that I did not rest my wrists (I’m not supposed to cook/bake for the time being). Hopefully, my wrists will be better and I could continue with French Fridays with Dorie next week!


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