Letting go.

Today is the first day I place Faith for so long at my dad’s place while I go for a haircut (after one whole year!) and indulge myself in some shopping therapy and a cup of coffee from Gong Cha.

I must tell you, I feel stressed and my mind keeps going back to Faith. Will she be all right? Will she resist the bottle and not drink at all? Will she cry all the time?


I told my hairdresser that I was in a hurry and thankfully, she could empathize with me since she is a mother of two herself. The next two hours saw me rushing here and there to make my purchases.

In a span of those few hours, I called back twice and each time, my dad assured me she was ok and that she was asleep.

When I reached home, I saw Faith, sleeping soundly on the bed. Dad told me that she has drunk 30ml from the bottle which is a great feat since she only wants to be breastfed at the moment. It’s an improvement! When she awoke, I found myself rushing to hug her and a wave of guilt swept past me for leaving her in my father’s care.

I have to learn to let go.

Faith will be fine with dad and more importantly, I have to trust God that Faith is in good hands.

So today, I had a little ME time and got myself a new toy – a camera ( my Lumix will not give me nice pictures anymore since that fateful day).


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