Ordered to rest

I have decided to consult a doctor (finally) about my wrists’ condition, after attempts to use a pair of scissors and a pen to write a simple note failed miserably.

I didn’t know that my condition has gotten to such a state.

I have gone to the Chinese physician before where I received acupuncture as part of the treatment and his wife has instructed me to rest which I resisted. How to when you have to care for the baby and to do the household chores?

And yesterday, I gave the same reason to the doctor and she shrugged,”It’s up to you. It will only get worse. Your ligament is already inflammed”

I think reverse psychology works well on me. Her ‘you-decide’ and ‘up-to-you’ or bochap attitude caused me to think about the repercussion of not resting. Should it get worse, I might not even be able to cook or bake or teach in the end, let alone taking care of Faith.

I had a referral letter and an appointment made to consult an orthopaedic specialist but I hope that I would not need to, in the end.

So, I’m going to rest. No cooking. No baking. As ordered by the hubs. And of course, less household chores.

This is sad… but at least I can still run!

20130319-134234.jpgHave a great Tuesday!


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