What prompted this entry is a set of pictures that I found in my iphone. Over the weekend, I have captured these moments which I found endearing. They are men who desire to be involved in bringing up their children or grandchildren, given whatever amount of time they have with the little ones. They deserve to be applauded for their efforts and we, as wives, can do more to encourage them.

IMG_2933 IMG_2932

The hubs naturally spends more time with Faith during the weekends since he doesn’t have to work then. I am thankful that he makes the decision not to bring work home but to spend more time with us, helping out in whatever capacity he can. On that Saturday, he took care of Faith while I enjoyed the BBQ food at our CG member’s condo. The kids liked playing with him as he put on his silly self.

IMG_2949 IMG_2951

We go back to my in-laws’ once a week on Sunday and we take a break from parenthood for a few hours. My FIL will be the one entertaining Faith and it is quite a sight! He sings and talks to her and even entertains her. You wonder where the hubs gets this trait from.

IMG_2915 IMG_2914

My sis and family came back from Jogja over the weekend to settle some stuff for the renovation of their home. My nephews were parked at my father’s place and see how they flocked to their Gong Gong. My father would play with them and when Faith was around, he carried her and made sure that she was protected (from Dayen who could not control his strength as yet and might ‘hit’ Faith). When Faith was on the bed, he would look lovingly at her and when she cooed, he was so happy! You should have seen his expression – a proud Gong Gong!

I’m thankful that I’m surrounded by men who are hands-on: my brother, brother-in-law, the gentlemen in my cell group and the men mentioned above. I’m quite sure there are many like them around! And maybe someone should start a magazine on fatherhood or something in Singaland. It would be a good read, exploring lives of fathers. Or are there such resources available already?

Kindling Quarterly from KindlingQuarterly on Vimeo.

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