It has been 16 weeks!

Yesterday, Faith was to have her 4-month’s injection and it also marked the last day of my maternity leave.

Where did the time go?

As I witnessed Faith’s wail when the two needles pricked her flesh, my heart went out to her. Oh my poor baby! And as I cradled her in my arms in the evening, a wave of sadness swept within me – I’m going back to work in 2 month’s time and this period would soon pass.

No, I’m not resenting going back to work. In fact, I am looking forward to it. I love my job but at the same time, I love my baby even more. I guess I am trying to see if I could juggle being a working mom. After all, my mom herself has been one. I know it is super tiring but I would like to see this as a challenge – can I do it?

Being a SAHM has its perks. I’ve got to wake up at my own timing, appreciate a cup of coffee and witness Faith’s smile as she arises to the dawn of the day. And not forgetting the time that I could have for shopping or even tea with friends in the afternoon. The downside though, is that I would have to spend most of my time with the kid, thinking of ways to educate her, the loads of household chores to complete which can be really boring (apart from baking, hehe).

I hope I could balance every aspect of my life well when that day comes. For now, I need to slowly adjust Faith to the change in schedule, get her to be with the family members and even strangers and more importantly deal with her feeding habits.

Let’s list 3 specific items for now:

1. Come up with a timetable that my family and I can follow to smoothen the transition.

2. Train Faith to drink from bottle, syringe or even spoon! And another training comes when she can take semi-solids!

3. Come up with ideas for play time and resources for the grandfather to teach her.

Wt – 6.6kg
Ht – 62cm

Useful info on the development of a child.

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