Faith :: 15 weeks

IMG_2698Whoah! It’s been so long since I last updated Faith’s progress.

Faith has been growing stronger each passing week. Every morning she wakes up, she would exercise – kicking. She loves doing that a lot. And when I put on the Lamaze’s booties and wristbands, she kicks all the more vigorous! She must be loving the jiggles that come with all those shaking!IMG_2705

IMG_2707 IMG_2702
However, Faith still couldn’t flip! I think she has tried doing that but maybe it’s not the time yet?


Faith is starting to understand that she has fingers; she keeps staring at her left hand while I leave her alone in the rocker. Having said that, now she can be left on her own while I cook or bake which is really marvellous. She manages to sit patiently in the rocker while I have my lunch too! Awesome! Of course, if I leave her too long in it, she would fuss. But on the whole, things have improved so much!


It’s no coincidence that Faith could sleep through the night. She has been able to do that since her second month and this continues till today! Hurray! Apart from the few occasions when she called out to have her feed, we are very much thankful that she could sleep through most of the time. 8+pm to 6+am.

A problem that we are facing is that she keeps drooling and pulling her hair! Her saliva causes rashes below her mouth which irks me. And she keeps pulling her hair! I think I should seriously consider shaving her!


My 4-month maternity leave is almost coming to an end and it’s time to think and consider how I should transit back to work after the next 2 months of No Pay Leave. Time to train Faith, get her to visit my parents more as she can recognise faces now and to get her to drink from the bottles again.

Oh! There’s really quite a fair bit of stuff to do to ensure smooth transition! Time to start the work engine too!

Blueberry cake

After we got back from the Batam trip, I opened the fridge door and before my eyes were three packs of blueberries, screaming for me to devour them. So I thought I should just bake a blueberry cake from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook.

It was relatively easy to bake but I faced a major problem. After the stipulated time, I took out the cake, only to find that the centre was still wobbly – uncooked. In the oven the cake goes – 10 mins. And then another 10 minutes. And then another… the centre was still rather damp but apart from that area, the rest was cooked.

Something could be wrong about the recipe. But the cake turned out to be moist, soft and delicious and the hubs likes it. Definitely will try again and the next time, I will add the cream cheese frosting, just because it is beautiful. =p


Source: The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook by Tarek Malouf and The Hummingbird Bakers
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