Weekend getaway #1

A long awaited break. Batam because we wanted to try bringing Faith out on a trip and to see how she takes to it. She was amazingly cooperative! She was quiet the whole trip, being secured in her carrier, until the last part when we returned on the ferry. Little Faith must have been scared by the loud engine sound. But other than that, it’s a smooth trip for us. Thank God! More to come?

IMG_2731 IMG_2728
The boba carrier is my #1 companion. Faith likes to be in it and as a result, I too, can be rather mobile.

IMG_2733One of the stops – at the chocolate store. And the highlight remains to be the massage! S$20 for a full javanese massage. Where can you find that deal in SG? And thankfully, Faith was cooperative. She was lying beside me, entertaining herself, while I got my massage done.

IMG_2734After a day of sightseeing which the hubs and I would rather not have, we finally reached our hotel at 6pm. It was located about 40 minutes from the city centre, a haven for the golfers.

IMG_2737I never like to order food from the hotel. They are, in my opinion and experience, pricey and not too delicious. Or perhaps the hotels that I visited were of low standard? Since we checked in late and we would always lose out if we were to go for buffet, we just ordered in. And the food disappointed me again! Hah! This hotel does not provide baby cot too and Faith had to share our bed.  I suspect she loved this idea judging from the wide smile she gave as she turned to look at me while we were turning in.

IMG_2741 IMG_2742
Our hill view. Scene from our balcony.


IMG_2747 IMG_2749
We were the first guest to be coming down for breakfast. Not that we are ‘kiasu’ but we are just early risers! Nice view while having our brekky. Time stood still for a while.



I thought this is a nice place to take some wedding pics.

IMG_2766 IMG_2758

After breakfast, we checked out the swimming pool and decided that the water was too dirty for Faith and discarded the idea of swimming in it. Poor Faith. We had thought she could enjoy herself in the water for this trip but it was not to be so. Even our room does not have the bath tub. Sigh. While she rested, the hubs and I did our BS materials and had a short discussion on it. Nice.


A short getaway is what we I need and I hope there’s more to come! Time to plan for the next one! I promise it would be more relaxing. =p