In moments like these…

The neighbour above us did some drilling work in the late night, waking Faith up and since then, she has had waking moments now and then. I turned to look at the hubs, he’s sound asleep.

I woke up with sore shoulders, numb fingers but forced myself up to the crying of Faith. It’s already 7.30am! Goodness! So late. I must have been real tired.

Tied my hair, steamed my corn, breastfed the baby and looked around.

The dining table’s a mess with letters unopened, purchased stuff lying on the wooden top. Haiz.

Piles of clothes, unironed, on the sofa. Haiz.

Faith’s clothes, not washed, and it seems like a good sunny day. Haiz.

Floor’s a bit dusty. Yikes.

I craved for kaya toast and coffee to wake this lethargic spirit.

In moments like these, I wish that I’m back at work, with a little independence of sorts and having adults to talk to and joke with.

Now, it’s me, baby, walls and household chores.


And the hubs came back early to surprise me with what I craved for. *Satisfied and so loved*

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